Portable system Xaver 800 with a unique mechanical design for the 3D tracking Movie
Portable system  Xaver 800  with a unique mechanical design for the 3D tracking

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Portable system Xaver 800 with a unique mechanical design for the 3D tracking

  • Showing details
  • 3D through wall imaging
  • 3D tracking orientation mowing and not mowing objects
  • Operates within seconds
  • Clear view of inside the room

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Portable system Xaver 800 with a unique mechanical design for the 3D tracking

The Xaver 800 is a portable, high-performance imaging system, optimized for gathering instant and accurate real-time information from behind solid walls or barriers. The Xaver 800 is unique in providing for the first time a true 3D imaging of objects behind walls.

  • Simple use

    Easy to operate

  • Health friendly

    Safe for human health

  • Clear LCD screen

    Easy to read LCD screen

  • Work time 5h

    Operation time of the Portable system Xaver 800 2 hours

The Portable system Xaver 800 clearly presented in a real-time integrated display. The Top-down view provides rapid information on the target location. The room layout instruction can be accurately understood.The new 3D trucker can measure the high of objects, save the history view tracks subjects in mowings.Could provide post-mission analysis and very portable. The Xaver 800 superior object resolution allows quick location of people hidden by walls and barriers, and support differentiation between victims and hostiles.

Special operation and law enforcement teams conducting operations in an urban environment need accurate and reliable real-time information for successful execution of their missions. Information about the number of people and their location inside a room is critical in determining the necessary tactical planning.

Simple to operate, the Xaver 800 delivers mission-critical information when and where it is needed, providing unprecedented situational awareness. The Xaver 800 has been widely deployed with leading military and law enforcement teams around the world.

Features of the Portable system Xaver 800

  • Can be carried and operated by a single user
  • Ready to use at the push of a button
  • Highly reliable detection through most common wall materials
  • Unique real 3D imaging
  • Portable system Xaver 800 has simple user interface for intuitive interpretation
  • Enables Stand-off operation (within the detection range)
  • Simultaneous detection of static and living objects
  • Sensitivity to detect non-moving live objects
  • Unique algorithms and signal processing
  • Portable system Xaver 800 has up to 20m detection range
  • Enables Stand-off operation (within the detection range)
  • Integrated data of Xaver 800 recording and playback for post-mission analysis, training, and debriefing
  • Includes VGA and S-Video output

The Xaver 800 is completely radiation safe. It is designed to provide superior performance while meeting the requirements of ICNIRP-1998 radiation exposure restriction.

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Xaver products are made by CAMEO, who is a specialist in the field of wall-scanning-systems


Specification of the Portable system Xaver 800
Device type3D through-wall radar
Penetrable wall materialsCement, plaster, brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, adobe, drywall and other standard building materials
Detection range4m, 8m, 20m
Field of view80° in both Azimuth and Elevation
Display mode3D view, 2D plain view, 1.5D (range over time history), side view
Frequency range3GHz to 10GHz
ResolutionRange: Better than 3cm; Cross Range: 30cm at 8m
DimensionsTransport: 47cm x 47cm Operation: 84cm x 84cm
Weight14.5kg including battery
Power supplyRechargeable battery and mains power source
Battery operation timeRechargeable: 2 hours
AccessoriesExternal battery charger, power supply, hard-shell carrying case, tripod, tactical backpack

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