Portable wireless camera detector - WEGA-i Movie
Portable wireless camera detector - WEGA-i

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Portable wireless camera detector - WEGA-i

  • Portable wireless camera detector detects all types of hidden cameras
  • 2-10 m detection distance
  • Adjustable illumination power
  • Wega-i eliminates the influence of daylight
  • Compact, ergonomic construction

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Portable wireless camera detector WEGA-i

The WEGA-i is a versatile construction, specifically designed for easy detection of a wide range of hidden cameras.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the operation of the wireless camera detector is very simple. By looking through the viewfinder we see increased light intensity at the location of a hidden video camera. A red spot indicates the place where we should look for spy equipment.

  • Voltage

    Power supply of WEGA-i

    battery 2 × AAA

  • Voltage

    Detection distance

    2 - 10 m

  • Safety pin

    Low battery indicator

  • Main fuse

    IR illumination power


The WEGA-i wireless camera detector generates infrared radiation using an array of IR LEDs while the viewfinder has filters that only transmit polarised light. This allows you to easily detect cameras that are hidden among other objects in the background. This portable detector is powered by AAA batteries that are easy to replace, which allows for mobile use the device in any conditions.

The WEGA-i wireless camera detector is recommended for anyone who looks for an easy method of scanning the environment for hidden cameras, whether wired, wireless, active or even inactive.

Hidden cameras detected by the WEGA-i

  • necktie cameras
  • wall cameras
  • photocopier cameras
  • pen cameras
  • wristwatch cameras
  • smoke detector cameras

Product video


DigiScan Labs

Digiscan Labs is a brand specializing in anit-spy systems , privacy protection and protecting key information . The experience of many specialists gained during Cold War was forged into modern systems protecting from any kind of wiretapping. They constantly introduce improvements,...


Specification of Portable wireless camera detector WEGA-i
Detectionall types of concealed video cameras
Infrared light filtereliminates the influence of daylight
Detection distance2 to 10 m
Power of the wireless camera detector2 × AAA battery
IR illumination poweradjustable
Low battery indicatoryes
Weight of the portable camera detector100 g
Dimensions140 × 34 × 16 mm


  • Portable wireless camera detector - WEGA-i
  • User manual
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Cleaning cloth

Reviews (11)

By Eli F.

Comment : Detective store is a brand online store that you can trust, after getting this cam I'm 100% sure about that!
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By Cody F.

Comment : such gear was not always available to everybody ., now you do not have to work for the MI6 to use professional spy equipment
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By Ms. P. P.

Comment : i am thinkign about getting one myself, circumstances made me do so ,, will let you know once the package arrives!
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By Mitch M.

Comment : handy, economic, works great
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By Jake P P.

Comment : if you want to check whether your sourrounding is clear and safe this is what you need ..
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By Mason M.

Comment : great product but could be less expensive
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By Ms. Anna E.

Comment : Had to check if my business partner was spying on me and guess what - he was indeeed. Thanks to wega-i I ended my cooperation with this man. My score for this product is 5/5.
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By Luke L.

Comment : At first I didnt want to belive but it really works !
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By Mark S.

Comment : At first I didnt want to belive but it really works!
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By John J.

Comment : seems complicated but in reality is very easy to use and works only on two batteries
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By Molly J.

Comment : A few times I had to pay somebody for video camera detection and it cost me a lot! I should have bought this detector straight away, would save me some money and time … worth to have one.
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