Precise bugging detector - RFD-5
Precise bugging detector - RFD-5

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Precise bugging detector - RFD-5

  • Precise bugging detector - RFD-5
  • 4 ways of signal strength indication
  • Precise detection of pulse transmissions
  • Frequency range up to 25GHz
  • Detection of cell phones

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Precise bugging detector - RFD-5

ELBI Electronics' RFD-5 is a broadband radio transmission detector with very high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. The precise bugging detector is optimised for professional detection and localisation of radio listening devices utilising transmission band up to 25GHz, both analogue and digitally modulated.

  • LCD screen

    LCD display

  • Sound alarm


  • Audio indication

    Audio indication

    4 volume levels (36dB)

  • LCD display

    Current consumption of the precise bugging detector

    3.5 – 6 mA

Advanced signal processing algorithms allow to detect even short-term transmissions and store peak levels in memory. Built-in interference filters of the bugging detector and storing of background signals allow to reduce the number of false alarms and to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of RFD-5 detector's operation. The device features also an audio demodulation function, and indication of signal strength with audible clicks, which allows to facilitate the operation during localisation of a transmission source. The memory can store information about suspicious signals for analysis later on – up to 16 events, together with information on time of recording. The radio transmission detector is lightweight and mobile, sporting a telescopic antenna, maximum length 37cm. The RFD-5 bugging detector is powered with 9V 6F22 batteries (regular or rechargeable). A sturdy, metal housing effectively protects the device against mechanical damage.

Main assets of RFD-5 precise bugging detector

  • Precise detection - very high sensitivity and wide dynamic range.
  • Supported frequency range up to 25GHz.
  • Peak level memory - detection of pulse transmissions.
  • Advanced interference filtering.
  • Audio signal demodulation.
  • Acoustic indication of signal strength - Geiger clicks.
  • 4 ways of signal strength indication - bar indicator, numerical indicator, delayed bar indicator, peak indicator.
  • Detection of radio signals of any type - including digitally encoded signals.
  • Detection of wideband, pulse and hopping transmissions.
  • Detection of cell phones and other devices utilising digital telecommunication network transmissions.
  • Permanent protection due to recording of detected events for further threat assessment (including detection time and signal level).
  • Background signals elimination, increasing efficiency of operation.
  • Possibility to calculate signal strength and estimated distance from its source.
  • Efficient power management of the precise bugging detector allows for prolonged operation.


ELBI Electronics

ELBI Electronics , a Czech company, was founded in 1991 and it is a designer and manufacturer of professional counter surveillance equipment . The main goal of the company is to create a preventing surveillance equipment of the highest quality and differentiated solutions for the...


Specification of RFD-5 precise bugging detector
1 400MHz 2 effective radiated power 3 frequencies below 30MHz 4 optimised for NiCd batteries
Frequency range of the precise detector0.5MHz to 25GHz
Typical sensitivity 10.06uW ERP 2
Dynamic range43dB (basic) + 40dB with local attenuation
Pulse detection> 80μs
HF filter 3-26dB at 10MHz
Audio volume control4 levels (36dB)
Built-in click generatorindicating signal strength with increasing click frequency
LCD display of the precise bugging detector2 × 12 digits
Instant signal strength indication
  • bar indicator: 39 levels
  • numerical indicator: 251 levels
Peak level indication
  • delayed bar indicator: 24 levels
  • delayed numerical indicator: 251 levels
Level refresh
  • 1 ms
  • level decrease: 6s
Alarm counter99 events
Alarm memory16 events, including time of occurrence and signal strength
Subsequent alarm delay70 s
Built-in telescopic antenna1-37 cm
Power supply of the precise bugging detector9V 6F22 battery
External power supper12-20V DC 4
Battery discharge indicator< 7V
Current consumption3.5 – 6mA
Dimension150 × 60 × 31 mm
Weight295 g


  • RFD-5 - Precise bugging detector
  • User manual

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By Filip D.

Comment : precise, with wide variety of functions and modes
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By Evan M.

Comment : FIVE stars ZERO complaints
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By Arlo P.

Comment : First I got professional support from the store, than a package in front of my door and finally a great device in my hands. Shopping with you is a sheer pleasure.
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