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UV powders have been considered one of the most important tools in detective as well as spy professions. Detective Store offers kits with UV powder, brush as well as UV lamp dedicated to objects marking. With our kits you can easily mark the objects with different surfaces such as paper, metal, plastic, wood. You can identify the person who had a contact with an object which had been marked. Mark your...  More

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Detective Store offers high quality forensic examination kits, which are useful during many operational activities related to theft or smuggling. The proposed solutions are also perfect for preventive actions. Going on a long holiday? Or do you have a suspicion that someone visiting your home is carrying away your valuables? You can dispel all your doubts by ordering forensic kits from our offer. The kits consist of a UV fluorescent powder for marking objects, a lamp for testing banknotes and a brush for applying the powder. A very big advantage is the possibility to use it not only on paper surfaces such as banknotes, envelopes or documents, but also on wood, metal surfaces, plastic and glass.

An interesting product that can be used in many situations is a set for creating invisible notes, which consists of an ultraviolet marker pen and a UV lamp. Such a kit provides a lot of possibilities not only for private detectives, but also for lovers of strategy games. In daylight the powder is practically invisible, making it very discreet. It is also perfect for puzzle rooms. Its great advantage is a low price allowing you to buy even several sets, which will make the fun in the room even more interesting and exciting. At every stage of ordering at Detective Store, there is a possibility of consultation with specialists.