Professional and police-grade AlcoBlow breathalyzer Movie
Professional and police-grade AlcoBlow breathalyzer

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Professional and police-grade AlcoBlow breathalyzer

  • Very comfortable - no mouthpieces required
  • Extremely fast measurement in just 5 s!
  • Advanced electrochemical sensor
  • Passive mode – test without blowing!
  • Extended battery life up to 5000 tests

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Professional AlcoBlow breathalyser - used by the police

The AlcoBlow is a professional, non-contact breathalyser, used to quickly perform a large number of tests. This breathalyser is used by the police and other uniformed services.

Thanks to low running costs and very quick measurements, the AlcoBlow is very often used by the police or employers. Testing employees sobriety is particularly important at areas of construction works, at high altitude, and, of course, at shipping and transportation companies, as well as means of public transportation.

The measurement takes about 5 seconds, during which the device unambiguously identifies the presence of alcohol in the exhaled air and indicates its low or high concentration. It is not necessary to use mouthpieces, which significantly reduces the cost of operation of the device. In passive mode, the device automatically takes a sample of air and determines whether it contains any alcohol. This allows the operator to quickly check a vehicle cabin for alcohol vapours, and later test the driver or passengers. This is the reason the police is using AlcoBlow as their breathalyzer of choice. With this function, one can also easily verify if a container of "juice" does not actually contain an alcoholic beverage. AlcoBlow is a professional breathalyzer offering an accurate and certain measurement.

  • The measuring range

    Measurement range

    not applicable

  • Accuracy


    not applicable

  • Sensor Type

    Sensor type


  • Power supply

    Power supply

    4 × AA battery

  • LCD display



  • Measuring time

    Measuring time

    5 s

  • Battery

    Battery life

    up to 5000 tests

  • Quick measurement of ambient

    Rapid testing of environments

It is an ideal tool for introductory tests

Public order agencies

Police, fire brigades and the military, for quick tests to check for breath alcohol, e.g. during a routine police check.

Workplaces and companies

For general and professional breath testing of employees, which is very important in many industries. The costs of the damage caused by an intoxicated employee are the company's responsibility, and the insurance companies usually require repayment of benefits. Under current law, tests for the presence of alcohol can be carried out at the request of a supervisor, or a person authorized by them.

Protection of mass events

Allows to quickly check the sobriety of people entering the area where the event takes place. The AlcoBlow also provides the ability to screen the drinks carried in by the participants for alcohol (passive mode).

Product video


Lion Laboratories

Lion Laboratories is a company with almost 50-year tradition, with a seat in south Wales in Great Britain . From the beginning of its existence, the company is improving the devices for examining alcohol concentration in human blood, basing on knowledge and experience of their...


Specification of the professional AlcoBlow breathalyzer
Measurement rangenot applicable
Measurement accuracynot applicable
Sensorelectrochemical fuel cell
Measurement time5 s
Warm-up timeapprox.5 s
Battery lifeup to 5000 tests
Display2 × three-colour LEDs
Required calibrationat least once every 6 months (unlimited tests)
Mouthpiecesnot required
Power supply4 × AA battery
Operating temperature5°C ~ 40°C
Dimensions265 x 48 x 48 mm
Weight300 g (with battery)


  • AlcoBlow police-grade breathalyzer
  • 4 × AA battery
  • Wrist strap
  • User manual


Reviews (11)

By Eli F.

Comment : DElivered in timely manner without any hustle
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By Alice B.

Comment : works as it is supposed to, as described
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By Ms. P. P.

Comment : easy to operate and very afordable price :D
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By Jake P P.

Comment : no mouthpiece needed - hygienic in use
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By Mason M.

Comment : professional product, worth recommnedation
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By Jason M.

Comment : bought it for my construction company and my problems with "one beer is no harm" employees are gone, thank you detective store :))
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By Ms. Anna E.

Comment : no contact required,wow
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By Luke L.

Comment : The best feature of this product is the passive mode in which you can test the air for any alcohol - utterly useful!
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By Mark S.

Comment : amazingly long battery life and no mouthpieces make this breathalyzer an extremely economic product for everyday use.
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By John J.

Comment : very quick, only few seconds to get a reliable result !!
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By John U.

Comment : This product is high quality and really professional. No more worries on the mouthpieces matter! I recomend.
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