Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120
Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120

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Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120

  • ProfessionalHidden Camera Detector Raksa-120
  • Analog and digital frequencies
  • Working on 40 – 3800 MHz band
  • Vibration and sound alarm
  • OLED 128 x 64 display

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Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120

Mobile phones, GSM wiretappings and transmission-based localizers detector.

Professional and multifunctional hidden camera detector is equipped with frequency meter which ensures a discreet protection against surveillance with use of wiretapping devices of various kinds. Used microprocessor technology allows to scan and analyze the analog and digital radio signals on frequencies 40 MHz to 3.8 GHz.

Detection of various wiretap devices

  • Mobile phones and wiretappings
    • GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    • UMTS (3G) 850/ 900/1800/1900/2100
    • CDMA450 (A-H)/800/1900
  • DECT standard phones
  • Bluetoothand Wi-Fi devices
  • Wirelsess video cameras
  • Analog radio transmitters- AM, FM, PM
  • Radio trasnmitters with digital modulation - FSK, PSK, etc.
  • Transmitters with broadband modulation and up to 10 MHz band

Chief assets of Raksa-120 iDet

  • GPS


    Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120 allows to determine the localization of a wiretapping device. It detects the devices such as mobile phones, an equipment hidden in camouflaged place as alarm clock, lamp or other domestic appliance!

  • Alarm


    Hidden camera detector allows to monitor radio signals continuously and can analyze them later. The option of the specific signal's power alarms the user when reached. Thanks to adaptive algorithms there is no risk of faulty alarms from the slowly variable background signals.

  • Frequency range


    Professional detector recognizes all the analog and digital transmissions independently of signal's power.

  • Identification mode


    Detecting and measuring the transmission throughout the whole band. The display of the hidden camera detector presents frequencies and levels of the detected signals. The device signalizes the transmission power also by sound notifications; their loudness indicates the distance between the localizer and source of wiretap.

  • Search mode


    Allows to track the analog wiretaps more precisely than the standard mode of searching. The user sets the reference point for the measured signal's power of the searched transmitter.

  • Search mode


    Searching and localizing the signals in GSM, UMTS(3G), CDMA DECT mobile phones networks, Bluetooth transmitters, WiFi and others in the 2.4GHz band.

  • Audio monitoring


    Identification of signals and sound feedback analysis (available for sweeping, standard and differential search).

  • detected notifications


    Records up to 200 detected notifications, adding the precise date of the detection, type of signal and its level.

  • Discreet


    You can use the professional detector in presence of other persons, putting it in a pocket and enabling vibration mode. Silent alarm will inform you of the possible threats of surveillance.

  • Warranty


    You do not have to be a specialist. Operation of all the functions is designed in an intuitive and user friendly way.

  • discreet


    Clear and visible display informing about searching the frequencies. It allows to use all the functions conveniently, viewing the results of scanning, viewing the detected signals and recorded notification logs.

  • Range


    Handy and comfortable in use thanks to its tiny size and functional buttons' layout.



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Specification of Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120
Frequency range of the hidden camera detector40-3800 MHz
Sensitivity70m V/m
Dynamic range50 dB
Band pass10 MHz
  • sound
  • visual
  • vibration
Power supply of the professional detectorbuilt-in battery
Work time in standby mode4 - 12 hours
Work time in other modes
  • standby : up to 4-12 hours
  • in the other modes: up to 3h
Dimensions77 × 43 × 18 mm
Weight of the hidden camera detector35 g


  • Professional Hidden Camera Detector Raksa-120
  • Power supply
  • Packing
  • User manual

Reviews (4)

By Hari R.

Comment : features many highly useful options, my favourite is the identification of signals and analysis of feedback sounds.
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By Gethin P.

Comment : I am a private detective and this hidden camera detector is like a dream, works great and makes my profession easier :D
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By Ezra P.

Comment : Small & easy to use,could be cheaper though
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By Emmanuel P.

Comment : Love it!
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