Professional KOWA lens for surveillance camera Kowa SC200PK1C Movie
Professional KOWA lens for surveillance camera Kowa SC200PK1C

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Professional KOWA lens for surveillance camera Kowa SC200PK1C

  • Solid construction
  • Great quality optics
  • Japanese precision
  • Modern design
  • Quick installation



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Professional KOWA lens for surveillance camera Kowa SC200PK1C

Lenses produced by the Japanese company Kowa have been designed both for long-distance and night observations. The KOWA Lens feature simple but sturdy design. Innovative 3-CAM and Beraing-CAM systems increase the convenience of operation and lens lifetime.

The Kowa lens have been designed for work with the professional camera SC200PK1C. What distinguishes Kowa lens is their innovative technology 3-CAM which limits the movement range of the lens.

In all available on the market popular lenses, sharpening and "zooming" of image is done by external moving rings, while some Kowa models have no moving parts on the outer casing and are operated with the use of buttons. The weaknesses of the design of popular lens are noticeable is particular at operating at very low temperature which causes significant resistance making precise work rather difficult. To minimize inconveniences, the manufacturer introduced internal guiding pins to reduce the number of contact points of the internal mechanical parts, at the same time minimizing friction. Additionally, 3-CAM significantly helps in reducing moisture that gets inside the lens, which highly extends lifetime of lens.

Another innovative solution applied by the manufacturer is the Bearing CAM system which has been created for the internal mechanical components dealing with image zooming, in particular in models with greater focal length, such as LMZ1000-XF with its focal length of 20 - 1000 mm and ability to obtain clear image from the distance of 8 km.

Zoom 8 km

Bearing CAM system, thanks to the large number of bearings used, takes the pressure resulting from the lens size and prevents internal deformation, at the same time facilitating smooth movement and making the lens more precise, more effective and durable during long-lasting operation.

Among Kowa optics you will find the brightest lens available on the market i.e. f 0.8 - f 360 with the fixed focal length of 60 mm or adjustable focal length of 11 - 176 mm. The KOWA lens provides bright and clear image even through the car windshield. It is a perfect lens for detectives as well as for investigation groups.

Lens for detective

Depending on the Kowa lens used, it is possible to obtain very bright image (f 0.8) or large zoom (20 - 1000 mm) saving image clarity and details such as car licence plates.

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Kowas is a well-known Japanse company, which specializes in high quality surveillance devices.


Comparison of the Kowa lenses SC200PK1C

6011 - 17610 - 36020 - 75020 - 1000
0,80 - 3601,6 – 3601,9 - 3604,6 - 3603,5 - 720
3 m – ∞5 m – ∞10 m – ∞5 m – ∞
128°43,3° - 2,9°39,1° - 1,16°17,8° - 0,5°17,8° - 0,38°
  • aperture: DC
  • zoom: -
  • focus: manual
  • aperture: DC
  • zoom: motor (P)
  • focus: motor (P)
5 MP2 MP1 MP2 MP2 MP
M77 × 0,75 mmM86 × 1,0 mmM112 × 1,0 mmM114 × 0,75 mm
-10°C – +50°C
78,5 × 91,5 × 124 mm109 × 109 × 211,5 mm116 × 116 × 271 mm130 × 130 × 342 mm139 × 130 × 450 mm
1000 g2850 g2680 g3500 g5500 g


  • Lens
  • Lens protection

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