WiFi - ST-167 Radio frequency detector - detection of bugs, hidden cameras, mobile phones and WiFi

ST-167 is a high-performance radio frequency detector that enables detecting and locating of surveillance devices and illegal mobile phones or WiFi network. It features extensive functionality with simple operation, very good parameters, as well as small size and high quality of recording.

  • Channels under support

    Supported channels

    CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G


    WiFi 2,4 and 5 GHz

  • Work time

    Operation time of the radio frequency detector

    4 h

  • Range of detection

    Detection range

    up to 50 m

  • Range of frequency

    Frequency range of the radio frequency detector

    25 MHz - 6 GHz

The broadband radio frequency detector ST-167 allows to scan radio bands within the range from 25 MHz to 6 GHzas well as to analyze and identify such transmissions as:

  • analogue signals with possibility of demodulation of AM and FM signals (headphones included in the set),
  • cell phone connections in CDMA 450, GSM, 3G and 4G standards,
  • DECT standard operating telephones,
  • WiFi 2.4 and 5 GHz networks,
  • Bluetooth connection.

Advanced signal analysis algorithms allow to determine its type and the power measurement allows to easily locate the source of the signal emission. The device also offers such functions as:

  • detection of signal jammers in the surrounding,
  • special SMS detection mode,
  • measurement of GSM, 3G and 4G base stations signals.

The radio frequency detector is characterized by a very high sensitivity with the ability to adjust alarm thresholds in specific bands, high scan speed and accurate measurement of signal strength. With the ability to save data the wiretap detector ST-167 allows for long-term monitoring of radio activity in the specified area. This enables detection of devices that work in the „store&forward” mode, including advanced voice recorders which apart from recording data also send short pulses, or in-car GPS locators.

It is possible to connect the device to computer using a USB cable and work remotely, which helps facilitate the use of the device. Dedicated software enables to easily manage the wiretap detector settings, real-time display of all parameters, alarms and measurement results, as well as to analyse the data stored i nthe memory. The data can then be presented either in graphic or text form.

Operating modes of the radio frequency detector ST-167 for digital and analog signals

  • automatic mode – detects selected types of signals with the strength exceeding the user-predetermined thresholds. The list of the detected signals is updated in real-time and the collected data are saves in the built-in memory for later analysis. The user is able to select and predetermine separate alarm levels for the signals to be analysed. This mode can be automatically activated according to the set schedule.
  • manual mode - enables monitoring of a single band selected by the user. There is a graph reflecting changes in the signal strength in time for the selected band displayed in the screen. Th user can select one among all types of signals recognized by the detector and set up the alarm threshold. This mode can also display the spectrum of analogue signals in a specified range of frequencies from 60 to 6000 MHz with 2 to 20 MHz spacing. The frequency of the strongest signal will be displayed, and additionally, the user can activate the AM/FM audio demodulation for the detected analogue transmissions.
  • „search” mode - tis applied for locating analogue transmitters. The ST-167 detector scans the selected frequency band and when the predetermined threshold is exceeded the scanning is stopped. The frequency, signal strength and the modulation type will be displayed on the screen.
  • SMS detection mode – enables to detect SMS communication in 2G and 3G networks; the user is informed about the signal strength at the moment of SMS data transmission, its duration, data and time of 3 previously detected SMS messages and the total number of the detected SMS messages,
  • GSM and GPS/ GLONASS jamming detection mode – enables to check for activity of GSP/GPS/GLONASS jammers through simultaneous measuring of the broadband activity in the 900 and 1800 MHz,
  • log view mode – enables analysis of data saved during the measurement taking with the possibility of filtering by types of connection and setting thresholds, as well as sorting results according to the event time, its duration, type of the signal and strength.

The detector is easy and intuitive in use, thanks to backlit LCD screen and function buttons. Another great convenience is the possibility of remote control via software on your PC. The device is powered by the built-in rechargeable battery which allows for at least 4 hours of continuous operation, and after connecting the device to the external power supply you will get 24/7 operation possibility with recording all signals of the predetermined strength.

Key features of the WiFi - ST-167 Radio frequency detector - detection of bugs, hidden cameras, mobile phones and WiFi:

  • selective detection and recognizing signals in the band up to 6 GHz,
  • advanced algorithms enabling to specify the type of the measured signal (CDMA 450, GSM, 3G, 4G, DECT, Bluetooth, WLAN including 2.4 i 5 GHz),
  • detection and logging SMS messages mode,
  • measurement of GSM, 3G and 4G base stations signals (possibility of adjusting the bands to the frequencies used in the particular country),
  • GSM and GPS/GLONASS jammers special detection mode
  • analogue transmissions frequency measurement
  • AM and FM signals demodulation,
  • constant monitoring with possibility of saving logs according to the set schedule,
  • PC software enabling extended data analysis and easy device operation control.
­Specification of the Radio frequency detector ST-167 - detection of bugs, hidden cameras, mobile phones and WiFi
1e.g. GPS locators, mobile data transmission including SMS 2measurements at 20ºC
Frequency range 25 MHz - 6 GHz
Signal strength indicator graphic
Demodulation of analog audio signals yes
Detection of impulsive digital transmissions yes 1
Detection range of the radio frequency detector up to 50 m
Sensitivity 2
  • 1 GHz -80 dBm
  • 5 GHz -55 dBm
Dynamic range 65 dB
Audio demodulation yes (analog signals)
Signal processing DSP Processor
Built-in memory 0 banks - up to 999 records in each one
Screen OLED 160 × 128
Interface of the radio frequency detector WiFi ST-167 USB 2.0
Signal detection notification mode
  • vibration
  • sound
Battery built-in Li-Poly battery 3.6 V; 2.2 Ah
Maximum power consumption 500 mA
Operation time of the radio frequency detector min. 4 h
Operating temperature -15 to 50°C
Permissible humidity < 90%
Dimensions 90 × 54 × 21 mm
Weight 200 g
In box
In box
  • Radio frequency detector WiFi - ST-167 - detection of bugs, hidden cameras, mobile phones and WiFi
  • Broadband omnidirectional antenna
  • USB cable
  • Network adapter
  • USB memory stick with software
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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