Radio jamming system Modular RF Digital Type-A
Radio jamming system Modular RF Digital Type-A

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Radio jamming system Modular RF Digital Type-A

  • Modular system - can be customized according to needs
  • Capable of jamming waves in the 700 - 6000 MHz
  • Blocks phone calls in the vicinity of the signal
  • Direct frequency synthesis (DDS)
  • Control via IP interface

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Digital Type-A modular RF jamming system

A device for jamming cellular signals, WiFi networks and other transmission systems. Product dedicated to state services and authorized institutions.

If you are interested in the offer, please feel free to contact us.

Jamming of cellular networks, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS locators

The jamming system based on Digital type-A modules is designed to block cellular network communications in various standards used around the world and other radio frequencies including those used by WiFi networks, BT or location systems.

The module uses state-of-the-art direct frequency synthesis (DDS) technology ensuring that the device achieves maximum performance. It is controlled by a microprocessor with a programmable PLL feedback loop. Each module operates independently, giving the user the ability to build a high-tech radio frequency blocking system tailored to his individual needs. The control is done through an IP interface.

Prevented communication in the signal emission zone

The jamming radius depends on the signal strength of the location and signal propagation conditions. All devices within the operating range of the device will be blocked from communicating and will not be able to make incoming and outgoing calls or carry out data transmissions.

Available modules

The system offers a number of different modules with different jamming frequencies:

  • 700 - 1000 MHz module, 150 W
  • 1100 - 1700 MHz module, 120 W
  • 1800 - 2200 MHz module, 120 W
  • 2300 - 2600 MHz module, 120 W
  • 2620 - 2690 MHz module, 120 W
  • 3400 - 3800 MHz module, 80 W
  • 5000 - 5500 MHz module, 50 W
  • 5500 - 6000 MHz

Power supply, antennas and mounting housings are also required to build the final system.

Screenshots showing the RF Digital software

  • Digital RF jamming system
  • User manual


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  • Digital RF jamming system
  • User manual

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