Radioactive Detector Vortex Sphinx RD for detection of metals and radioactive materials Movie
Radioactive Detector Vortex Sphinx RD for detection of metals and radioactive materials

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Radioactive Detector Vortex Sphinx RD for detection of metals and radioactive materials

  • Detection of radioactive materials
  • Detection of iron and non-iron metals
  • Operation time up to 14 days
  • Powered with 9 V batteries
  • Automatic shutdown

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Radioactive Detector Vortex Sphinx RD for detection of metals and radioactive materials

Inspection radioactive detector of metal and radioactive items VORTEX RD has been designed for simultaneous detection of radioactive and nuclear materials that emit gamma radiation, as well as iron and non-iron metal items smuggled on one’s body or hidden in one’s baggage, correspondence and etc. Inspection camera can be used as an inspection tool for military, archaeological, medical and other purposes.

Vortex Sphinx RD radioactive detector has been designed for counteracting unauthorised taking of radioactive materials and metal elements away from production plants, laboratories and secret military units. The radioactive substances detector has been made specially for nuclear industry, Customs service, special forces and etc.


Omnidirectional detection
In our offer you will also find omnidirectional metal detector Vortex sphinx 360.

Key features of omnidirectional radioactive detector Vortex Sphinx RD

  • Detection sensitivity

    Detecting along the axis

    Sphinx RD model carries out detection along the axis within the range of 200 mm. It’s a perfect tool for controlling lab employees or workers at industrial plants, as well as for inspection of civils at border crossings and etc.

  • Easy to use

    Simple operation

    To be able to operate the radioactive detector you do not need any trainings. Control panel has been designed to be intuitive in use.

  • Alarms of detection


    When metal has been detected, Vortex Sphinx RD informs the user with the light and sound signals, and the device slightly vibrates when radioactive substance has been detected.

  • Power supply

    Efficient power supply

    The radioactive detector of metal and radioactive items is powered by 9V removable rechargeable battery. With its high efficiency, the device current consumption is at the level of 3.5 mA which allows for about 14 days. For better energy efficiency, the radioactive detector switches off automatically after 8 minutes of inaction.

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Selcom Security

Selcom Security is an exporter of Russian products designed for detecting spy appliances and conducting audio and video supervision . The company offers a wide scope of professional products such as bugs, frequency scanners, camera detectors, noise generators or voice...


Specification of the Radioactive Detector Vortex Sphinx RD
Detectionomnidirectional, 360°
Detection range of the radioactive detector200 mm
Frequency~50 kHz
Alarm type
  • sound
  • light
  • vibration - only for Gamma channel
Power supply9 V alcaline battery
Operation timeup to 14 days
Defining radiating objectsscintillator (CsI)
Impulse sentivity (Cs137)100 (imp/s)/(μSv/h)
Automatic shutdownafter 8 minutes
Electricity consuption655 mA
Temperatura pracy-15° - +50°С
Dimensions of the radioactive detector420 × 80 × 30 mm
Weight380 g


  • Radioactive Detector Vortex Sphinx RD of metals and radioactive substances
  • 9 V Battery(Optional)
  • Network charger(Optional)
  • Case(Optional)
  • User manual


  • 9V battery
    • Alkaline battery
    • Voltage: 9V
    • Long-lasting
    • For devices with low power consumption
    • Perfect for alarm clocks, microphones, etc.
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  • Standard battery 9V
    • Battery standard
    • Voltage 9V
    • Long-lasting power supply
    • For devices with low power consumption
    • Ideal for alarms, microphones , ect.
    £4.40tax inc. Add to cart

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