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Encrypted radio transmission - Radiolink Spike

Aurora is a complex devices' set allowing to perform safe audio radio transmission.

The most important features of the Spike radiolink set


Very clear sound, obtained thanks to modern 16bit A/C converter which guarantees great quality of the processed sound. The signal is converted into digital form by a quartz crystal, then the GMSK modulation proceeds, followed by transmission in form of frames to the receiver (radio).


Conversion to the digital signal causes reducing disturbance and noise level. As a result the user obtains a clear sound. Demodulation in the receiver converts the signal into the analog form again. All the distortions are corrected to obtain the best possible audio quality.


The RMD 300 transmitter continues its operation even in case when the voltage does not reach 2,2V at the given moment (it is the recommended supply voltage). A temporary attenuation of signal transmission is possible, yet the signal is not going to be ceased. Apart from that, the transmitter is equipped with:

  • External antenna o the Spike radiolink
  • High-sensitivity microphone
  • Automatic activation system (after inserting the battery)
  • Remote control – optionally.


The components of PRK 045 SH receiver are protected with a solid metal casing. Additionally, the receiver allows to choose the channel of receiving, setting the desired sound level and displays the remaining power level of the device. It has the following input/outputs:

  • Antenna
  • Headphones
  • Sound recorder output.
Specification of the Radiolink Spike Encrypted radio transmission
RMD 300 Audio transmitter
Frequency of the Spike radiolink 416.5 – 423.5 MHz
Dynamic range 83 dB
Audio response 0.2 – 14 kHz
Modulation GMSK
Transmission speed 125 kbit / sec
Supply voltage of the Spike radiolink 2.2 – 6.5 V
Output power
  • 3 V: 5 mW
  • 6V: 20 mW
Current draw
  • 3 V: 10 mA
  • 6 V: 20 mA
Size 30.5 x 9.5 x 4.7 mm
PRK 045 Audio receiver
Sensitivity of the Spike radiolink 3 mcV
Number of channels 16
Supply voltage 6 V
Current draw 150 mA
Size of the Spike radiolink 127 x 106 x 27 mm
In box
In box
  • Radiolink Spike for encrypted radio transmission
  • RMD 300 transmitter
  • PRK 045 receiver
  • User manual

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