REI MESA portable spectrum analyzer with wide frequency band for RF signals detection

A professional REI MESA radio signal detector enables the detection and analysis of all radio signals, both known and unknown. Unprecedented mobility and functionality make it one of the leading detectors of all radio signals.

  • Work time

    Operation time

    up to 3 h

  • Frequency

    Frequency range

    10 kHz-6 GHz/ 12 GHz

  • LCD

    LCD screen


  • Power source

    Power supply

    Li-ion batteries

MESA™ is the Research Electronics International (REI) - company's latest solution- a renowned American manufacturer of specialized counter-surveillance equipment. Portable, advanced spectrum analyzer allows for the detection and identification of all radio signals in the environment - known, unknown, undesirable and interference. MESA™ offers unprecedented mobility and operational functionality. The hardware specification, construction of the device and analytical tools (including the patented SmartBars™ method showing the activity of signals in the form of a bar graph) enable very effective localization and analysis of radio signals in the band up to 6 GHz (12 GHz with the use of a down converter antenna).

The most important features OF REI MESA:

  • representation of the full spectrum in the range up to 6 GHz (12 GHz using the down converter antenna)
  • various operating modes:
    • spectrum analyzer: REI MESA shows the full range of frequencies in the 10 kHz to 6 GHz range (12 GHz with the use of a down-converter antenna) with a choice of frequency range, zoom, frequency blocking, information about the start, end, center frequency, signal strength in dBm and bandwidth; real-time signal spectrum, spectrum peak trace, alarm level, Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) parameter, signal waveform in oscilloscope view, waterfall and persistence view; dynamic band resolution is automatically set in the range from 0.038 kHz to 312.5 kHz depending on the represented frequency range.
    • SmartBars™ - energy bar representation of newly detected signals with increasing power compared to reference signals from outside the analyzed room; new/strong signals are marked by a clear increase in the level of the corresponding bar, the selection of which enables a detailed analysis of the corresponding spectrum range.
    • communication bands: spectrum representation in bands used in telecommunication standards (GSM, WiFi, etc.) on a single screen; bands are user configurable
    • WiFi / Bluetooth®– displays nearby WiFi and access point devices, analyzes and represents the activity of BT devices, including pairing; shows the MAC addresses, SSID and the relative power for these signals in the form of a table.
  • imaging signals in the form of:
    • the patented Cached Peak™ view - REI MESA dynamically sets the resolution and bandwidth depending on the frequency range, the device remembers many traces of peaks to correctly reflect the appropriate frequency range and the assigned band resolution in relation to the values of the represented signals
    • activity graph - the persistence function illustrates the trace of signal activity in the spectrum by means of the brightness changing along with the signal duration. It also allows you to determine the presence of multiple signals in a specific band - e.g. the presence of a narrowband signal hidden in the frequency band used by WiFi
    • spectrogram view - waterfall function illustrating changes in activity over time by generating a spectrogram showing spectrum changes over time
    • spectral power histogram (RSSI) – displays a histogram of the average RF power in a defined frequency range in a time window of 30s, 1, 2 or 4 minutes
    • trace of peak value – averaged from 2 to 64 runs
    • mean value of the signal in the spectrum
    • list of identified radio signals – automatically or manually generated list of recognized radio signals
    • alarms – visual, audible, vibrating notifications about exceeding the signal level in accordance with the user-defined mask
  • screenshot saving function
  • attenuation/gain control: auto or manual 0dB, -10dB, -20dB, + 15dB
  • 7” touch display with zoom and brightness control
  • MCP (Multi-Carrier Probe) - multi-functional probe - wired receiver, IR/visible light probe, ultrasonic probe, acoustic spectrum leakage probe, audio amplifier
  • automatic antenna/probe detection and activation of the appropriate operating mode of the device
  • audio demodulation: AM/FM
  • alarm functions: visual, audible and vibrating
  • remote control: Ethernet port allows network connection and remote access via VNC (Virtual Network Computing) GPS receiver: storage of location data (connected via USB)
  • built-in loudspeaker and headphone output with volume control
  • audio input (acoustic probe, audio amplifier)
  • communication with PC via USB 2.0 (update, data transfer from the device)


  • detection, analysis and location of radio signals from RF transmitters, mobile phones, WiFi and Bluetooth® devices and many more
  • security audits for the presence of illegal transmissions and information leakage channels
  • protection against surveillance
  • tracking of unauthorized use of the radio spectrum
  • localization of wiretapping transmitters - analog and digital
  • analysis of radio signals and interference
  • research and development of radio technology and wireless communication

Materials to download

  • ­


    MESA information brochure.

­Specification of REI MESA portable spectrum analyzer
Frequency range 10 kHz-6 GHz/12 GHz
Scanning speed 200 GHz/s
Bandwidth (changable, depending on range) 0,0380 kHz – 312,5 kHz
Temporary bandwidth frequency 25 MHz
Average noise level displayed (DANL) 500 kHz RBW with a preamplifier -102 dBm
Damping 0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, auto
Preamplifier +15 dB
Types of detected signals
  • analog and digital RF transmitters
  • wired transmitters on power lines
  • IR and visible light transmitters
  • acoustic leakage
  • ultrasonic signals
SFDR 81,6 dB
Receiver type superheterodyne swept-tuned
Audio demodulation AM/FM with filter 200kHz, 20kHz, 5kHz, auto
Antenna connection OMA
Power supply Li-Ion battery (2 batteries included) / mains 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Operation time of the REI MESA up to 3 h
Charging time up to 3 h
Operation emperature -10°C to 53°C
Admissible operation temperature -20°C to 60°C
  • device: 20 × 13 × 5 cm
  • set: 47 × 38 × 16 cm
  • device: 1,1 kg
  • set: 6,8 kg
Research Electronics International (REI)
Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee USA. REI's customers include government agencies, law enforcement agencies, security companies and professionals involved in surveillance security and protection of confidential information. REI engineers are focused on designing compact products with superior performance and usability. New products are based on the experience of professional teams. The wide range of devices includes equipment such as surveillance device detectors, jammers, high-end cameras and electromagnetic spectrum analyzers.
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In box
In box
  • REI MESA portable spectrum analyzer
  • Antennas set
  • Battery set
  • User manual

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