​Replaceable mouthpieces for AL and CA-series breathalysers
​Replaceable mouthpieces for AL and CA-series breathalysers
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​Replaceable mouthpieces for AL and CA-series breathalysers

  • AL and CA series breathalyser mouthpieces
  • Pro-X5+
  • AL-series
  • DA-series
  • AF-series
  • BACtrack Element and BACtrack Trace

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Replaceable mouthpieces for AL and CA-series breathalysers

Additional mouthpiece for breathalysers such as:
-AL-series (such as: AL-2500, AL-5500, AL-6000, AL-7000, DA-7100, AL-8000, AL-9000),
-DA-series (such as: DA-5000, DA-8000, DA-8100, DA-8500, DA-8700S, DA-8700USB),
-AF-series (such as: AF-30, AF-33, AF-35, AF-30C, AF-33C, AF-35C),
-BACtrack Element, BACtrack Trace,
-ACE AL5500, ACE AL7000 (ACE I) and ACE AL9010 MED

AlcoFind is a new brand previously known as AlcoScent.



Sentech Korea Corp . was founded in 1998 as Korean company which used knowledge and experience of a reputed research institute. Basing on technologies of semiconductor sensors , Sentech designs modern and elegant breathalysers and professional gas detectors . Sentech's...

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By Harri F.

Comment : There;s no much that I can write about these… all GOOD!
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By Ethan H.

Comment : versatile&cheap mouthpieces that match many breathalyzers
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