Reusable funnel mouthpiece Dräger
Reusable funnel mouthpiece Dräger
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Reusable funnel mouthpiece Dräger

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Innovative construction
  • Hygienic measurement
  • Reusable mouthpiece for breathalyzers
  • Producer: Dräger

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Funnel mouthpiece, for non-contact measurements by Dräger brand

Funnel mouthpiece for non-contact measurement provides hygienic and accurate measurement of the level of exhaled alcohol. The original product of Dräger brand designed for breathalyzers of the producer.

The mouthpieces are essential accessories for hygienic and proper measurement. The quality of the mouthpiece plays an important role in alcohol content measurement. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the dedicated brand.

Funnel mouthpiece for non-contact measurement Dräger is dedicated to the professional screening breathalyzers Alcotest 5510, Alcotest 7510, Alcotest 6820. The measurement may be performed in a distance of 3cm from the mouthpiece. The special design of the mouthpiece prevents the air from flying away what provides the correct measurement.

  • Funnel mouthpiece for non-contact measurement by well-known brand Dräger



Dräger company has been on the market since 1889 under the motto "Technology for Life". From a small family business it has evolved into an international leader in medical and safety technology. The company is in constant development so that it is technologically one step ahead of ots...


  • Funnel mouthpiece for non-contact measurement by well-known brand Dräger

Reviews (2)

By Ioan T.

Comment : It enables non-contact measurement what makes the process more hygienic
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By Megan C.

Comment : no need to touch the mouthpiece so can be used more than once,,
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