RF Spectrum Analyzer - OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz Movie
RF Spectrum Analyzer - OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz

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RF Spectrum Analyzer - OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz

  • Designed for detection of spy equipment
  • Portable OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz - RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • Advanced software
  • List of all signals and a spectrogram
  • AM, FM SSB, Sub-carrier, video demodulation



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RF Spectrum Analyzer - OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz

OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz of the American REI brand is a fully professional system for electromagnetic signals analysis. It is designed for use by specialists who deal with data protection and business privacy and from other branches, where a special monitoring and surveillance protection is needed.

  • Work time

    Operation time of the RF Spectrum Analyzer - OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz

    up to 3h

  • Touchscreen

    Display of the RF spectrum analyzer


  • USB port

    USB port

  • Bandwidth

    Bandwidth of the RF Spectrum Analyzer


The purpose of the system is to

  • detect and analyze all the unwanted radio transmission
  • examine the signals propagation in wireless networks of various types
  • conduct a detailed analysis of all radio emissions
  • monitor prohibited radio signals

The OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz system searches through the band of 8 GHz/24 GHz range in 1 second and detects immediately the wiretap devices or other prohibited radio signals in a given range.

Such quick operation is possible thanks to using an advanced technology of the highest class and unique wide-band system of integrated antennae which switches automatically between ranges and allow to cover all the scanned band. The control of the whole system is performed by use of large 8.4” LCD touch screen which supports the 'drag&drop' technology. It is very convenient and enhances the speed of work and effectiveness.

Most important features of the RF spectrum analyzer

  • Designed for providing the highest radio security
  • Immediate analysis of the band of 8GHz/24GHz range in 1 second
  • Capturing every electromagnetic signal – 2000000 measurement points, 12.2 kHz resolution
  • Integrated and independent device with advanced antennae system, providing the cover of the whole 8GHz/24GHz band
  • Quick identification of all transmissions, independently of the used modulation
  • Mapping the traces of radio signals which are captured and made subjected to the quick differential analysis
  • Generating the list of all detected transmissions
  • Creating a spectrogram which represents the changes of the transmissions traces in time
  • Demodulation of AM, FM, SSB, Sub-carrier signals and video transmissions from wireless cameras
  • The data is updated on a current basis, demodulated and played or displayed on the screen
  • Convenient operation by the touch screen with 'drag&drop' technology
  • Advanced software of the device for analysis and processing of data – there is no need for using an additional computer
  • Portable and light system is powered via accumulator, weighs only 4.4 kg and provides 3 hours of continuous operation
  • The Green version was designed for commercial needs, and, unlike the Blue version, there is no special export license required

Product video


Research Electronics International (REI)

Research Electronics International (REI) was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA . REI's clients are mostly government agencies, law enforcement bodies, security companies and professionals who deal with surveillance protection and protection of confidential data . REI...


Specification of OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz - RF Spectrum Analyzer
Radio system
Frequencyof the RF spectrum detector
  • 8GHz Model = 10kHz to 8GHz
  • 24GHz Model = 10kHz to 24GHz
Displayed Average Noise Level
  • without Preamp -100dBm
  • with Preamp -110dBm
Sweep Speed24GHz/second
Preamp DC-8GHz10dB
Attenuation DC-24GHz0dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB
Dynamic range
  • min/max range: 90dB
  • SFDR: 80dB
Audio system
Demodulation types of OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHzAM, FM
Filters sizes800 kHz, 200kHz, 12.5kHz, 6.25 kHz, 2kHz
Subcarrier filters6.25kHz, 12.5kHz, 200kHz
Headphone outputlow leakage headphones included
Video system
DemodulationAM, FM
Filter sizes12.75MHz, 6.375MHz
Subcarrier filters6.25kHz, 12.5kHz, 200kHz
Antenna system
Built-in Auto Switching antenna systemyes
  • 8GHz Model (OGR-8) = 100kHz to 8GHz
  • 24GHz Model (OGR-24) = 100kHz to 24GHz
Aux RF In10kHz to 8GHz
Aux RF In10kHz to 8GHz
Baseband outDC –6MHz
ExpansionAux control port for MPP
User interface
Displayintegrated 8.4”" Touch Screen
Soft keys and rotaryoptical encoder
USB port (A type)for peripherals (Keyboard, Mouse)
Power supply
Universal power supply included100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Removable batteryrechargeable Li-ion, 2-3 hour runtime
Dimension of the RF spectrum analyzer29.2cm x 33.5cm x 7.6cm
Weight with batter4.4 kg
Case dimensions14cm x 37.8cm x 49.5cm
Loaded case weight9.5 kg
Operating temperature of the OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz0°C to +50°C


  • OSCOR Green OGR 8GHz/24GHz - RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • A set of accessories
  • Case
  • User manual

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