Rigid inspection camera - Kingsville Tire for non-invasive inspection of tires

Rigid inspection camera Kingsville Tire is an inspection device equipped with a fibre cable which enables non-invasive penetration inside a tire in order to detect contraband. Dioptre range is adjustable in the eyecup which enables adjustment of the device to your individual needs.

  • Lens diameter

    Lens diameter of the rigid inspection camera

    1,9 mm

  • IR illuminator


    LED 650 lm

  • Angle of view

    View angle


  • Fibre cable length

    Cable length

    152 cm

Kingsville Tire rigid inspection camera is a portable surveillance device equipped with a flexible 1.9 mm fibre cable that enables non-invasive look inside the tire through the valve stem. The specificity of quartz optical fibre provides high quality image. The cable is inserted through the air valve in the tire without significant air losses thanks to the sealing system. The eyecup with dioptre adjustment allows you to adjust the viewfinder to the individual needs of the operator.

The rigid inspection camera Kingsville Tire by SAS R&D is a portable fiberscope for inspection of tires and hard-to-reach places. The device has been designed to counteract illegal contraband such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

Specification of the Rigid inspection camera - Kingsville Tire for non-invasive inspection of tires
Inspection wire
  • flexible
  • φ 1,9 mm
  • 1,52 m
Display no
Illuminator 650 lm
Eye cup
  • B-Style
  • diopters adjustment
View angle of the rigid inspection camera 50°
Sharpenning 5 - 75 mm
SAS R&D Services INC.
SAS R&D; Services Inc. is a company whose motto is We are trying to change the future of handheld contraband detectors to make them more effective and easy to use. This makes us a responsible partner in the fight against contraband because it is not just a job, it is our vocation. SAS R&D; develops and manufactures anti-smuggling equipment. Products in the form of fiberoscopes and videoscopes make it possible to reach where the human eye can't reach, making it possible to quickly search gaps in walls or ceilings, as well as any openings in vehicles. Flagship contraband detectors provide the ability to 'x-ray' all types of surfaces in a safe manner in search of drugs, weapons and many other illegally smuggled items without having to dismantle the boat, car and more.
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In box
In box
  • Rigid inspection camera - Kingsville Tire
  • Accessories for tyres assembling

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