Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and SpyPhone Android Extreme - a reliable duo for surveillance
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and SpyPhone Android Extreme - a reliable duo for surveillance

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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and SpyPhone Android Extreme - a reliable duo for surveillance

  • Powerful battery: 3600 mAh
  • Sharp and clear image during the day
  • GPS phone localization
  • Live monitoring of the enviroment
  • Online version of the software! (without a box)

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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with a powerful 3600 mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a modern smartphone created for people who appreciate style and like to be the center of attention, because the curved edges catch everyone's attention. Cooperation with spy software SpyPhone Android Extreme gives unlimited possibilities of full surveillance of your partner.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a newer version of the well-known and appreciated model S6 edge. In the S7 model bottom and top edges have been additionally curved, making the phone slimmer. Korean manufacturer focused on quality, not quantity of pixels, which makes the image quality much better than in competing phones. Capacious 3600 mAh battery extends battery life and allows you to enjoy longer the camera or applications stored in 32 GB memory of this smartphone.

Thanks to SpyPhone Android Extreme software spying on your phone has never been so easy. SpyPhone Android Extreme spyphone software not only allows you to check the activity on your phone 24/7 but it also gives you access to the call history,SMS and MMS, messages, photo copies, as well as all the notes and calendar entries. SpyPhone Android Extreme is a reliable tool for obtaining evidence in divorce or other court cases where it is necessary to present credible evidence.

SpyPhone Android Extreme is spy software designed for discreet control of the phone owner. Fast and precise GPS localization, insight into message history from messengers such as Messenger, Skype etc., SMS monitoring and listening to the phone's surroundings make it an indispensable tool in divorce cases. .

  • Trial version


    In order to receive activation code and manual please contact us by phone (+44 203 290 1199 ) or e-mail (

For what purposes is SpyPhone Android Extreme software used?

  • parental control
  • monitoring of employees in the company
  • protection against phone theft
  • protection during a kidnapping

Features offered by SpyPhone Android Extreme software

  • Calls

    Live calls (root only)

    Real-time eavesdropping on conversations held on your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone - while a conversation is in progress, simply call from the surveillance number to automatically be included in the ongoing conversation and know its contents.

  • Notifications


    The start of each call (incoming or outgoing) is signaled by automatic sending of SMS information to the supervising number with notification about the ongoing conversation, the message is sent automatically in an invisible way, it is not saved in the phone, it is possible to turn on number filtering to limit the number of call notifications.

  • REC calls

    REC calls

    SpyPhone Android Extreme automatically records phone calls - incoming and outgoing. The recordings are sent to a server and the user can access them through the client panel on the website.

  • Live environment

    Live environment (root only)

    Live eavesdropping on sounds and conversations in the close vicinity of your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone. Simply call from an established surveillance phone at any time, which will automatically turn on the microphone on the SpyPhone (audibility as in the case of a randomly answered phone and depends on the microphone on the phone), the call is discreet, not signaled or recorded on the SpyPhone.

  • REC enviroment

    REC enviroment (root only)

    Recording of ambient sounds on demand (function activated via the phone management panel after logging in to the user account).

  • List of calls

    List of calls

    The history of all phone calls made from the phone with SpyPhone Android Extreme software is sent to the server.

  • Kontakty


    Copy of the contact list stored on the phone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

  • SMS and MMS messages

    SMS and MMS

    Copies of all incoming and outgoing SMSes and MMSes are automatically sent to the server.

  • IMs

    IMs (root only)

    Monitoring of messages sent and received by instant messengers:

    • Messanger
    • Facebook
    • WhatsApp
    • Viber
    • Skype
    • LINE
  • E-mail

    E-mail (root only)

    Copies of email messages (without attachments) sent and received on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (default email client) are forwarded to the server.

  • Internet


    History of visited websites and saved favorites (default browser).

  • GPS location

    GPS location

    Information on the location of your SpyPhone Android Extreme phone, based on data from a GPS receiver (accuracy up to 5 meters), automatic position tracking with a specified frequency and information on the current position on demand (SMS command or command in the panel).

  • Multimedia


    Downloading to the server a copy of multimedia files from the phone such as photos taken with the camera, recorded films or sounds recorded with the phone's voice recorder.

  • Fałszywy SMS

    False SMS

    The ability to send an SMS message from a SpyPhone phone number to any number, the message is not stored in the SpyPhone phone as sent.

  • Other


    Copy of notes, calendar entries and list of installed applications etc. Monitoring of SpyPhone Android Extreme phone usage.


History archive
History is stored for 30 days on the server. Remember to archive the material on your own memory media on an ongoing basis.

After installing the SpyPhone Android Extreme software, direct access to the phone is no longer necessary. Monitoring takes place remotely. Using an established phone number, it is possible to eavesdrop on conversations and the environment, all data are sent to the server. Through a panel on the website, the user can manage the collected information and remotely change the operating parameters and settings of the application.

The SpyPhone Android Extreme application works in the background and does not affect the normal functioning of the phone. It is as unobtrusive as possible and is not visible as an application that you can run on your phone.

License terms and installation of SpyPhone Android Extreme

The license is granted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase and can be activated on one compatible phone at a time. After the license expires, it can be renewed for another year for a fee.

The software is compatible with majority of ANDROID system phones. Any additional information is available on the software page SpyPhone Android Extreme.

Why should I buy software from Spy Shop?

Spy Shop company is a registered legal business, we are available for our customers in stationary stores and on the Internet since 2007. Thanks to this, we provide a high level of service and technical support in case of problems while using our products.

In case of any problems with the operation and installation of the software, our employees will provide telephone support. All functions and correct operation will be checked on the spot and you will receive software ready to use.
SpyPhone Android Extreme software is constantly improved in order to provide our customers with the highest comfort of use, faultlessness and safety.


Samsung Galaxy S7 phone in a chosen color

  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Oryginal box 
  • Warranty card
  • Accessories included
  • Without SimLock
  • User manual

SpyPhone Android Extreme software

  • User manual
  • Software license for 12 months


Spy Shop

Spy Shop is a company created for the needs of providing high class spy devices constructed for monitoring and protecting the property, protecting confidential information, anti-spy activities, supervision and many others. The target group of Spy Shop are as well individual...


Samsung Galaxy S7 phone in a chosen color

  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Oryginal box 
  • Warranty card
  • Accessories included
  • Without SimLock
  • User manual

SpyPhone Android Extreme software

  • User manual
  • Software license for 12 months

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