Scanmax - mailroom x-ray scanner for mail scanning
Scanmax - mailroom x-ray scanner for mail scanning

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Scanmax - mailroom x-ray scanner for mail scanning

  • Scanning up to 60 letters/ 1 h
  • Easy operation and ergonomic design
  • Safe for health and quick
  • Scanmax X-ray scanner
  • 220/230 V power supply



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Mailroom x-ray scanner - Scanmax for mail and parcels scanning

X-ray scanning system Scanmax is a series of professional solutions designed in order to enhance safety at post sorting centers, prisons, airports and anywhere else where there is a risk of dangerous items in post.

Mailroom x-ray scanner Scanmax is a professional device available in 3 versions i.e. 15, 25 and 225. This series of products is extremely easy to operate, so any trained employee will be able to use it with no need of special schooling. The image is displayed in the external screen and can be zoomed-in and zoomed-out with the mouse scroll. Scanmax devices are made of robust materials resistant to damage, therefore they can be used in all conditions. Thanks to the cabinet design the device can be quickly moved to any other place and allows to save space.

  • Convenient and easy in use

    Convenient and easy in use

    The Scanmax has ergonomic design which provides convenience of work with minimal use of space.

  • Operation time and power supply

    Operation time and power supply

    Scanmax is powered via the 220/230 V network which enables uninterrupted power supply and unlimited operation time.

  • High quality image

    High quality image

    The generated image is automatically enhanced to provide clear view. Images can be displayed in colour or as negative. Higher quality also enables to distinguish materials of low, medium and high density e.g. powders, syringes or wires.

  • Optional Scanprint module

    Optional Scanprint module

    The mailroom x-ray scanner can be equipped with Scanprint module (available on request against an extra charge) which provides additional option of archiving images and then sending, printing or viewing them remotely from another device.

  • Scanning speed

    Scanning speed

    Advanced technologies applied in the mailroom x-ray scanner enable scanning up to 60 000 letters an hour in max. 500 letters batches. And the individual scanning makes it possible to check up to 250 parcels.

  • Work safety

    Work safety

    The Scanmax x-ray equipment is granted safety certificates and is in compliance with all European safety standards.


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Specification of the Mailroom x-ray scanner - Scanmax for mail scanning
 Scanmax 15Scanmax 25Scanmax 225
390×300 mm540×395 mm
340×220 mm535×340 mm
500×310×890 mm610×430×1615 mm
114 kg170 kg180 kg
  • 110/230 V
  • 50/60 Hz
  • static anode 60-90 kV
8 mA


  • Scanmax - mailroom x-ray scanner for mail scanning
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Security key
  • Wires
  • User manual

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