Secure email - Yubikey 5C Nano security key
Secure email - Yubikey 5C Nano security key

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Secure email - Yubikey 5C Nano security key

  • USB-C Interface
  • Passwordless login or multi-factor authentication
  • Works without battery
  • Moisture resistant

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Yubikey 5C Nano - secure login to email inbox

The Yubikey 5C Nano security key is designed for password-free login to online services such as social networks and email inboxes. Just plug it into a USB-C port and press a button to gain access. It protects your privacy on the internet and at the same time it is a sure protection against data theft.

Cyber attacks are happening more and more often. Theft of personal data, hacking into e-mail boxes or bank accounts can happen to anyone. We present a simple solution to this problem: the Yubikey 5C Nano key by Yubico. The principle of its operation is trivially simple. After connecting to the computer's USB-C port and pressing a button, the device generates a one-time password to one of thousands of portals and services, including Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft or Twitter. So it can be used for passwordless login or as part of multi-component authentication in companies and enterprises.

Key features of the Yubikey 5C Nano security key

  • Passwordless login

    Passwordless login

    Yubikey 5C Nano is up to 4 times faster than common methods such as OPT or SMS. This method also eliminates technical errors associated with login and can be used as one of the steps in multi-factor authentication.

  • One button, no password

    Thousands of portals at the touch of a button

    The 5C Nano security key gives quick access to thousands of Polish and foreign web sites and portals compatible with FIDO, FIDO 2, U2F, OTP. OATH HOTP, PIV and Open PGP. Thanks to it you can log in to such portals as:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • email boxes
    • Salesforce
    • Dropbox
    • Microsoft sevices
    • Amazon
    • Lastpass
  • 100% security

    100% security

    A hardware-based solution guarantees certain protection against attempts to take over your account from the outside. This is because the encryption processes take place at the device level, which leaves no room for maneuver for cybercriminals.

  • Discreet size

    Discreet size

    The 5C Nano key is about the size of a small coin. When plugged into your computer, it becomes almost invisible and therefore discreet.

  • USB-C Interface

    USB-C Interface

    The model is compatible with any device with a USB-C port.

  • Bez baterii i sterowników

    No batteries or drivers

    YubiKey 5C Nano works without power or network access. You don't need to install any software or drivers either.

  • WaterResistant

    Water resistant

    The construction of the key is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

  • Global trust

    Global trust

    Yubico brand products have earned the trust of millions of users and many leading companies. The brand's security keys are used, among others, in 4 of the 10 largest US banks.

  • Yubikey 5C Nano security key



Yubico specializes in manufacturing login security keys for online platforms and applications.


  • Yubikey 5C Nano security key

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