Secure and encrypted Phone for a businessman - Tripleton Enigma E2 Movie
Secure and encrypted Phone for a businessman - Tripleton Enigma E2

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Secure and encrypted Phone for a businessman - Tripleton Enigma E2

  • Encrypted voice calls
  • SMS and data transfer protection
  • Acquiring connection lasts no longer than 1.5sec
  • Support of international mobile operators
  • Safety of business calls

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Encrypted GSM Phone for a businessman - Tripleton Enigma E2

Tripleton Enigma E2 is the most secure spy phone on the market. Application of innovative technologies, such as advanced encryption algorithms or smart card authorization, provides complete protection against phone tapping and data interception. Tripleton Enigma E2 is a professional tool for any businessperson, who wants to conduct negotiations, send confidential data or discuss their company's market strategy.

  • Work time

    Work time

    voice calls - 4h

    standby - 180h

  • microphone

    Power supply

    Li-Ion battery

  • Frequency response


    GSM 900/1800/1900

  • record


    USB 2.0

  • time


  • USB


  • Phone book

    Phone book

  • Photo function

    Photo function

Despite being equipped with the most advanced technologies available on the spy market, the Enigma E2 Secure Phone is very easy to use. All connections can be automatically encrypted with a single button press and hence there is no need to remember complicated passwords or enter any codes. Tripleton Enigma E2 Secure Phone has a classic simple and elegant design, featuring a 2.4” LCD display. Moreover, this secure phone has all the features of a regular mobile phone, such as:

  • digital 3 Mpix camera
  • multimedia player
  • internet connection
  • Bluetooth
  • phone book (5000 entries)
  • alarm clock, calendar and the like
  • USB port

Important note!
In order to establish an encrypted connection it is necessary to use two compatible Enigma E2 phones using the same data encryption protocol.

The battery of Enigma E2 enables 4 hours of voice calls or 180 hours of standby, making it a perfect device for a businessman, who needs secure phone with a long battery life. The device supports 3 GSM bands, making it a reliable phone in any place in the world. It is also possible to use Enigma E2 for regular (unencrypted) connection with any recipient.

Features of Tripleton Enigma E2

  • Standards of encryption protocols

    Standards of encryption protocols

    The device uses recognized encryption protocols, such as RSA, AES and SHA256.

  • RSA standard

    RSA standard

    The authorization of a connection request is performed through the exchange of authentication keys encrypted with an incredible strong 2048-bit RSA algorithm, which has never been broken, even by the most advanced computers. Application of this algorithm efficiently eliminates the possibility of phone tapping based on the „man in the middle” method, where a tapping device pretends to be a base station and tries to intercept a call.

  • AES algorithm

    AES algorithm

    After a successful authorization the secure phone establishes a voice connection encrypted by an AES algorithm and protected by a 256 bit key. The key is unique for every connection and can be modified even during the call.

  • Hybrid encryption

    Hybrid encryption

    The device enables very secure hybrid encryption during End-to-End calls.

  • Independent processor

    Independent processor

    Tripleton Enigma E2 is equipped with an independent processor for performing cryptographic calculations, completely separated from the GSM module.

  • Only encrypted voice transmission

    Encrypted voice transmission only

    No transmission of unencrypted voice calls. The encryption module is completely separated from the GSM module.

  • High quality of voice calls

    High quality of voice calls

    The Enigma E2 Secure Phone enables voice calls of very high quality (the sound is encrypted before the compression process). The CrystalSpeech® technology guarantees sound quality comparable to a regular GSM voice call.

  • User authentication

    User authentication

    Operator authentication is performed by a symmetrical RSA 2048 bit and X509 v3 certificates stored on the chip card. The Enigma E2 offers unique solution to the authentication problem by using authentication cards (smart cards), which allow to unambiguously identify a call recipient during a secure connection. The authentication process is independent from the mobile operator.

  • Self-destruction of the SIM card

    Self-destruction of the SIM card

    One of the most important security features of the SIM card is the automatic self-destruction mechanism triggered by unauthorized scanning attempts or other form of forced access to the phone's data.

  • Advanced chip cards

    Advanced chip cards

    Chip cards of the best quality (Philips, Infineon).

  • Digital signatures

    Digital signatures

    Tripleton Enigma E2 uses digital signatures which conform with the restrictive norms, such as German Digital Signature Act or SigG.

  • Encryption cards

    Encryption cards

    TeleSec Netkey encryption cards are highly resistant to mechanical damage and protected by the ITSEC Evaluation level E5+ (a very high safety standard of teleinformatics).

  • Encryption module

    Encryption module

    The encryption module conforms with the ITSEC Evaluation level 3.

  • Encryption key exchange

    Encryption key exchange

    The exchange of symmetrical encryption keys is performed by the RSA 2048-bit algorithm.

  • Voice encryption

    Voice encryption

    Voice encryption is performed by AES 256-bit symmetrical keys.

  • Unique session key

    Unique session key

    Enigma E2 Secure Phone generates a unique session key for every phone call (acquired during transmission authentication). The certified key is assigned completely anonymously.

  • Voice encryption


    During the encrypted call the voice transmission delay is insignificant.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Despite using very complicated encryption and authentication procedure, the Enigma E2 establishes new connections as fast and easy as a regular phone. It takes only 7 seconds to establish a connection after the encryption button has been pressed.

  • Creating recipients lists

    Creating recipients lists

    Enigma E2 Secure Phone enables creation and modification of blocked and allowed recipients lists as well as recipient group management (blacklist, whitelist, closed user group).

Tripleton Enigma E2 with voice call encryption was designed for

  • members of the government
  • intelligence services
  • bankers
  • businesspeople
  • boards of directors

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Tripleton® specializes in the design and manufacture of products for secure wireless communication, ensuring effective encryption of information. The company is headquartered in the UK and the brand has a worldwide network of distributors and dealers. Their wide range of...


Specification of Tripleton Enigma E2 encrypted phone
1 maximum signal strength / level12 – 19 dBm 2 2 GB memory card included
BandsGSM 900/1800/1900
Voice call encryption algorithmAES 256bit
Authentication and key exchange algorithmRSA 2048 bit
Authorization method
  • blacklist
  • whitelist
  • closed user group
Hash algorithm (shortcut)SHA256
Digital certificatesX509v3
Transportation dataV110
Compatibility with encryption cardsTeleSec Netkey cards
Sound compression formatAMBE-3000
Power supplyLi-Ion 930 mAh battery
Maximum voice calls duration 1
  • Encrypted connection: 2.5h / 5.5h
  • regular GSM connection: 3.5h / 7.5h
Maximum standby duration180 vh
Network configuration
  • WiFi 802.11g
  • 802.11bin client mode
  • LCD 2.4" TFT
  • 240 × 320 pixels
  • 256 000 colours
Menu languages
  • English
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
Cameradigital, CMOS 3.0 MPix
MicroSD supportup to 8 GB 2
SIM Tool KitClass 1,2,3
Interfacemini USB 2.0
Additional functions
  • calendar
  • alarm clock
  • world clock
  • notepad
  • calculator
  • unit converter
  • currency converter
  • stop-watch
  • file manager
  • data encryption manager
  • camera
  • video camera
  • image browser
  • image editor
  • voice recorder
  • multimedia player
  • FM radio
Working temperature-10°C to 55°C
Charging temperature0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature-30°C to 70°C
Working humidity25% - 75%
Dimensions116 × 50 × 14.65 mm
Weight94 g


  • Secure GSM Phone for a businessman - encrypted Tripleton Enigma E2
  • User manual

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