See Through Wall Radar - RetWis 4.3 Movie
See Through Wall Radar - RetWis 4.3

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See Through Wall Radar - RetWis 4.3

  • Through-wall person localisation
  • See Through Wall Radar RetWis detects heartbeat and respiration
  • Range up to 20 m from the wall
  • Mobile and lightweight
  • 2- or 3-dimensional imaging


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See Through Wall Radar-RetWis 4.3


Product unavailable!
Order the newest version of the product with new functions: Wall scanner ReTWis 5 - professional system for seeing through a wall.

A professional radar designed for through-wall localisation of persons remaining behind solid barriers. The RetWis principle of operation is based on detection of micro-movements caused by heartbeat and respiration of persons on the other side of a wall.

The unique technology utilised by the device guarantees very high sensitivity. See through wall radar allows to detect a human beings through wood, bricks or concrete at range of up to 20 m from the wall (depending on its type, thickness and structure of the building). The RetWis radar should be placed close to the wall, allowing the operator to observe a two- or three-dimensional map depicting the position of people behind it on a large, clear display. RetWis is lightweight (just 7 kg with batteries), easy to transport, and features a compact construction, allowing to deploy it quickly when- and wherever necessary. See through wall radar is an indispensable instrument, as the information about position of people behind solid barriers is invaluable during rescue missions or tactical operations.

See Through Wall Radar RetWis can be applied in a number of situations

  • in the military- knowledge about the numbers and allocation of hostile forces in an adjacent room greatly increases the soldiers' safety during tactical operations
  • in the police and law enforcement services - indispensable e.g. during hostage rescue situations, allowing to determine the number and placement of persons in an occupied area, helping the officer in charge to make decision about the manner of operation
  • in emergency rescue services natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or fires frequently require swift operation to save the lives of those affected by the disaster; the device allows to save precious time, locate trapped and injured persons, and increases the safety of search and rescue teams

Key features of the RetWis system

  • high sensitivity, range up to 20 m
  • easy and intuitive handling
  • handy and lightweight
  • mounted on a tripod
  • storage data
  • for horizontal and vertical surfaces

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Specification of See Through Wall Radar - RetWis 4.3
Determining people's locationtwo- or three-dimensional
  • horizontal - 130°
  • vertical - 100°
Range of the see through wall radarup to 20 m
Battery lifeup to 3h
Penetration of materials
  • wood
  • brick
  • gypsum
  • concrete
Dimension500 × 420 × 160 mm
Weight of the see through radar7 kg


  • See Through Wall Radar - RetWis 4.3
  • Charger
  • Cables
  • Stand with rotary head

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