Seek Thermal Compact – Thermal camera dedicated for your smartphone with waterproof carrying case
Seek Thermal Compact – Thermal camera dedicated for your smartphone with waterproof carrying case

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Seek Thermal Compact – Thermal camera dedicated for your smartphone with waterproof carrying case

  • 15 Hz thermal imaging camera
  • Temperature measurement range -40 to +330 °C bolometric matrix
  • Thermal sensitivity of 75 mK
  • Measuring distance 15 cm - 550 m
  • Supports smartphones

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The Seek Thermal Compact Thermal Camera will turn your smartphone into a brilliant device for demanding users

The model is small and lightweight, making it a traditional thermal imaging camera. Just plug it in the phone to see the world of invisible energy. It has a True Thermal Sensor that allows you to accurately determine the temperature of the selected item or place. The range of detected temperatures will satisfy everyone, ranging from -40 to 330 Celsius degrees, is precise and has a wide viewing angle, so your screen will display more images than you would expect.

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  • Czułość pomiarów

    Measuring range

    -40°C - +330°C

The size of the device is extremely small. You can easily take it for a trip as it is portable. Just connect it to your phone and start acting. The most important thing is that the device is working smoothly both in day and night. Therefore, you can decide when you want to act!

Thermal imaging technology identifies places of excessive energy consumption in residential, service and industrial buildings. With thermal imaging camera Seek Thermal Compact, you can easily detect energy losses caused by air leaks, insulation damage, inefficient HVAC systems, or bad design.

In order to solve many problems, you need a thermal camera to detect cold and hot areas. The Seek Thermal Compact provides you with all the needed data, allowing you to carry out an inspection of the building without having to go through the attic or underfloor to find air leaks and insulation breaks.

The Seek Thermal Compact Thermal Camera is compatible with all the most popular Android smartphone models. Its compact size and weight make it exceptionally handy. The Seek Thermal Compact offers proven thermal technology, 206 × 156 sensor and a wide viewing angle of 36 °. The camera Seek Thermal Compact is powered by a smartphone and exposes the image on its screen. Thanks to advanced infrared technology, the camera works both day and night, enabling thermal analysis of the environment for distances up to several centimeters up to 300 meters. The Seek thermal Compact set also includes waterproof carrying case for convenient carrying.

The basic differences between the Compact series and the Reveal series are mobility, strength and size. If you are going to use a thermal camera in a difficult environment where your smartphone could get dirty or damaged, choose a Reveal model. If you are more interested in mobility, Seek Thermal Compact is the choice for you.

Thermal camera for the smartphone


Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal is a worldwide known company responsible for innovative thermal imaging solutions.


Specification of the Seek thermal Compact thermal camera
  • 206 x 156
  • 32,000 individual pixels in the range from -40 ° C to 330 ° C
Detection of heat
  • up to about 300 m
Heat identification
  • up to about 60 m
Adjusting the image sharpness
  • yes
Long infrared waves
  • 7.2 - 13 microns
  • Oxygenic-vanadium microbialometer, chalcogenic lens
  • Magnesium alloy


  • Seek Thermal Contact – Thermal camera dedicated for your smartphone
  • Waterproof carrying case

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