Seek thermal Compact XR - long range small thermal imaging camera for a smartphone Movie
Seek thermal Compact XR - long range small thermal imaging camera for a smartphone

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Seek thermal Compact XR - long range small thermal imaging camera for a smartphone

  • Portable construction
  • Small size
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Powered by a smartphone
  • Clear image in all conditions

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Long range small thermal imaging camera for a smartphone - Seek thermal Compact XR

Seek thermal Compact XR is one of the smallest thermal imagers available on the market. Its portable design provides convenient operation. The camera can be operated on smartphones both on Android or iOS devices

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CompactXR is the smallest thermal imaging camera available on the market. It easily fits in your pocket and operation of the device is extremely simple. The device features an advanced 206 × 156 thermal sensor, which uses professional-grade military technology. With a narrow field of view of 20 °, the camera detects areas of increased heat for up to 550 meters in the temperature range of -40 ° C to 330 ° C.

The free Seek Thermal App available in the Google Play store allows you to measure temperatures to within a few degrees of accuracy, test and measure specific temperature ranges, and compare the normal image and thermal imaging side by side. The CompactXR uses the same features as a smartphone, making it easier to take photos and videos. Then the videos and photos can be compared, shared and documented. In addition, the CompactXR does not require charging because it is powered by a smartphone.


Wider point of view
Detective Store also offer a thermal camera for the smartphone SEEK Thermal Compactpro FF with the 32° view angle.

A small camera - a big step forward

We live in a world where we are surrounded by energy invisible to the naked eye. This energy - especially invisible infrared energy - is an excellent source of useful information. Seek Thermal's founders, Dr. William Parrish and Tim Fitzgibbons, transformed the smartphone into a thermal camera knowing that it was a groundbreaking invention that could change the lives of many people.

Clear thermal image in all conditions

The Seek Thermal camera is able to measure very small temperature differences to transform invisible energy patterns into clear, legible images. Visible light has no effect on the energy being detected, so infrared thermal cameras can work well both during day and night in high distances.

Hunting and walking in the field

Factors such as time of day and weather may make it difficult to navigate in the field. CompactXR camcorders allow you to move in the dark, watch closely in fog and visibility, and return home safely after dark.


With the CompactXR you have everything you need - even what you cannot see. The ability to evaluate the environment with the help of a thermal imaging camera is particularly useful at night and at long distances. CompactXR detects elevated temperatures that indicate the presence of objects emitting energy or heat, making it easier to locate them at night when using the flashlight would attract unwanted attention.

Seek thermal compact XR is dedicated to:

  • Law enforcement authorities;
  • Security companies;
  • Search and rescue teams;
  • Border guards and land patrols;
  • Public security and tactical support;
  • Protection of office buildings, factories, warehouses, government buildings or residential residences
Thermal camera for the smartphone

Product video


Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal is a worldwide known company responsible for innovative thermal imaging solutions.


Specification of the Seek thermal Compact XR
field of view
  • 20 °
Operation range
  • 550 m
Operating temperature
  • -40 do 300 °C
  • micro USB
  • 45 x 20 x 18 mm
Thermal sensor size
  • 206x156mm
  • 2 years


  • Seek thermal Compact XR thermal imaging camera
  • Waterproof carrying case

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