Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora
Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora

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Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora

  • Encryption of transmitted data
  • GMSK modulation digital transmission
  • Impulse transmissions – hard to detect!
  • High interference resistance
  • 'Live' receiving and recording (optionally)


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Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora

Aurora is a set of complex devices allowing to perform wireless encrypted audio radio transmission.

The most important features of the Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission


Microphone of high sensitivity receives sounds which are converted into digital form, compressed and transmitted to RAM; then they are transmitted in packets to the receiver. After correction and joining the packets, the signal is converted into analog form again. This procedure allows to keep high quality of sound without deformations and noises.


The transmitter sends the packets once a specific amount of time. It is performed quickly and the transmitter, being inactive for a major amount of of time, is very hard to detect.


The user may set the desired packet sending time within the range of 30-250ms and determine breaks between sending them, from 1,2 to 26 seconds.


To protect the transmission the sent signal is encrypted, which prevents it from being intercepted and decoded by unauthorized persons.


Digital encrypting prevents the sounds from being interfered so the user obtains a clear audio signal of a highest standard.


Both the transmitter and receiver have additional inputs which eases the set's usage.

  • Power supply socket,
  • Antenna input,
  • Microphone slot.


  • Headphones slot
  • Remote control
  • Recorder connection slot (allows transmission recording).


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Specification of Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora
Bandwidth at sampling frequency
  • 8 kHz: 0.3 – 3.4 kHz
  • 11 kHz: 0.3 – 5 kHz
  • 16 kHz: 0.3 – 7 kHz
  • 22 kHz: 0.3 – 9 kHz
Dynamic range85 dB
Packet transmission duration (set by the remote control)30 – 250 ms
Break between packet's sending (set by the remote control)1.2 – 26 s
RMI 400 Audio transmitter
Carrier wave (default settings)800 – 1200 MHz
Output power of the Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora (@ 3.6 V)350 / 50 mW
Spectral bandwidth
  • -20 dB
  • not higher than 12 MHz
Power supply voltage of the audio transmission set3.6 – 4.6 V
Current draw
  • stand-by mode: 200 mA
  • data collection mode: 15 mA
  • data transmission mode: 500 mA
Remote control signal sensitivity2 mV
Size137 x 30 x 10 mm
DPK 010 remote control
Frequency434 MHz
Output power600 mW
Number of functions17
Power supply of the Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission4x 1.5V AAA battery
Power supply voltage6 V
Size100 x 51 x 18 mm
PRI 400 Audio receiver
Sensitivity10 mV
Power supply
  • 4x 1.5V AA battery
  • external power supply
Power supply voltage6 V
Current draw180 mA
Size170 x 70 x 35 mm


Set for wireless encrypted audio transmission - Aurora

  • RMI 400 transmitter
  • PRI 400 Receiver
  • DPK 010 remote control
  • User manual

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