Specialized bugging devices

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Specialized digital bugging devices

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Specialized bugging devices

Detectiove Store offers a variety of sound recording devices. Many of them are designed for discreet eavesdropping. These are advanced listening devices, which are difficult to be detected and have extremely long operation time. Moreover, most of bugging devices are equipped with real-time sound transmission as well as sound activation function. Choose a solution the most...  More

Expert advice - Specialized bugging devices

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to discreetly record video and sound? At Detective Store you will find mini cameras and specializer bugging devices, which will help you to record both in everyday life and in exceptional situations from a hidden location. With the presented solutions you can take care of the safety of your property and loved ones. Among the noteworthy products there are certainly miniature audio-video recorders, which thanks to the use of high-end components will serve you for many years. The functionality of specialized bugging devices is mainly based on an advanced matrix with low noise level, the technology that activates recording when motion is detected, and intuitive operation that will not cause problems even for a novice.

An interesting proposition that cannot be ignored is a camera hidden in a pendrive. Full discretion, no suspicion and undisturbed image in the highest quality are the advantages of this type of product. At Detective Store you will find carefully selected models allowing full control in a company in the event of suspected abuse by third parties or control of a child when left alone at home and visited by friends or colleagues. If you watch spy programmes and films, you have certainly seen glasses with a mini camera. The models from our offer give you maximum spying capabilities, and the product itself looks aesthetically pleasing and is durable. A wide viewing angle, excellent recording quality and date and time stamp functions are undoubted advantages of the glasses.