Speech jammer TOWER-A for blocking proffessional microphones / counter-surveillance

Ultrasonic speech jammer TOWER-A of a robust and well-thought-out design allows you to protect confidential business negotiations against unauthorised access. Robust construction, no external buttons and impeccable look guarantee you will be satisfied with the device operation.

  • Omnidirectional range


    30-40 m2

  • Noise generator

    Operation time of the speech jammer

    up to 3 h

  • Video player

    Power supply


    rechargeable battery

  • Jamming signal level

    Simple operation

TOWER-A speech jammer is a professional and unquestionably one of the best devices generating white noise which jams majority of wiretap equipment available on the market with built-in or external wireless microphones. Cylindric design allowed for the omnidirectional location of microphones, which effectively blocks all listening devices within 30-40 m2. TOWER-A generates noise which is impossible to remove using any professional denoising services.

The speech jammer Tower-A features robust design and very simple operation. The noise generator comes with accessories such as keys and RF remote control used to safe function management as there are no external buttons on the device, which is an additional protection against disabling the device. The speech jammer TOWER-A effectively prevents leakage of important and discreet corporate information.

The speech jammer effectively jams wiretap equipment and recording devices such as:

  • microphones and sound recorders in mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony
  • digital sound recorders with a cable-on or built-in microphone
  • microphones in cameras and wiretaps
  • professional sound recorders in credit cards
  • microphones built-in A/V recorders

Briefcase version
Detective Store also offers a noise generator hidden in a business briefcase CASE ULTRA-05

  • Important!
  • When using supersonic microphone jamming technology it is necessary to remember about limitations resulting from the laws of physics. Effectiveness of jamming depends on the device - the design of some microphones is more susceptive to jamming than of others. For that reason, the maximum effective range of the device can fluctuate around several times. Ultrasounds also bounce off the surface, but they can not penetrate most materials to a great depth, so it is advisable to use the right number of equipment and its location in the room to provide the best security to the privacy of the conversations.
  • The device does not guarantee 100% of the jamming performance, but it outperforms competing solution with its configuration for high performance against microphone in devices such as voice recorders, eavesdropping and seismic microphones, microphones in computers, headsets, cameras and cell phones.
Specification of the Speech jammer TOWER-A for blocking proffessional microphones
Noise type acoustic
Jamming beam
  • horizontal plane - 360°
  • vertical plane - 105°
Range of the speech jammer up to 30 - 40 m2
Remote management frequency 433,93 MHz (ISM)
Inaudiable yes
Power source
  • network AC 230V
  • built-in battery
  • digital and analog dictaphones
  • cell phones dictaphones
  • all types of eavesdropping microphones
Operation time
  • battery - up to 3,5 h
  • AC 230V - 5 h
Battery indicator yes
Operation temperature 0-40°C
Dimensions 37 × 16 cm
Weight 5 kg
Frequency range 25 khz
Sound level in Db’s 115 Db
Number of the transducers 50
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In box
In box
  • Speech jammer TOWER-A for blocking proffessional microphones / counter-surveillance
  • RF remote control
  • User manual
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