Spy Bolt® screw – spy compartment
Spy Bolt® screw – spy compartment

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Spy Bolt® screw – spy compartment

  • Original gadget used in times of Cold War
  • 3/4" screw with a secret compartment
  • Protection of valuable items or information
  • Waterproof construction
  • Very discreet

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Spy Bolt® screw – spy compartment

Spy Bolt® is a spy gadget which originates in the times of Cold War. Soviet agents used similar screw-compartments to pass confidential information and microfilms without arousing any suspicions.

Spy Bolt® compartment looks like an ordinary 3/4” steel screw. However, inside there is a small space which can be used for keeping precious items or secret information, hidden away from the third parties.

The diameter of the empty space is 12.4 mm and the depth is 71.3 mm. After placing a secret message inside, all you need to do is twist the mandrel of the screw together with its head (reverse thread), which is additionally tightened by a rubber o-ring. This way, the items placed inside the Spy Bolt® screw (e.g. a sheet of paper with confidential information, money or a memory card with data) will be protected against water and curious eyes of third parties.


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Specification of spy compartment in a Spy Bolt® screw
Protection of threadO-ring gasket
Size3/4” screw
Locker spaceφ12.4 × 71.3 mm


  • Spy Bolt® screw – spy compartment
  • User manual

Reviews (8)

By Gregory G.

Comment : unbelievable what kind of spy gear is availbale in the store ….
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By Bradley W.

Comment : I was thrilled to read that this is the orighinal gadget used during Cold War - how marvellous!
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By Jeffrey A.

Comment : me and my girlfriend use it it store money when we are abroad. Nobody would like to steal a bolt, right? :)
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By Hector S.

Comment : Bought it to hide somrthing from my wife that she doesn't approve of. But hey, everybody should realax from time to time, don't you think?
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By J. Caitlin C.

Comment : It ensures 100 % discretion and protection of what’s inside
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By Shan H.

Comment : looks like an orrdinary bolt screw
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By Courtney G.

Comment : Original idea indeed !!!
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By Wright P.

Comment : Really waterproof and solid construction, dropped mine into a bathtub, no damage whatsoever.
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