Spy earpiece TopPro micro with a BT-3 induction loop
Spy earpiece TopPro micro with a BT-3 induction loop

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Spy earpiece TopPro micro with a BT-3 induction loop

  • Discreet communication via GSM phone
  • Induction micro earphone of great quality
  • Energy saving Bluetooth® module
  • Adjusted to ear canal
  • Remote control

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TopPro micro earpiece with a BT-3 induction loop

A headset kit designed for communication via GSM network – discreet and invisible for outsiders.

  • Work time

    Work time

    up to 5 h

  • Power supply

    Loop working time

    standby: about 100 h

    conversation: up to 12h

  • Range

    Conversation range


  • Power supply

    Power supply


The principle of operation is very simple – sounds are directed to the user via a very sensitive micro earpiece while the induction loop with a microphone enables establishing a connection with a phone using Bluetooth technology and thus to communicate with the other participant of the conversation. It is very easy to camouflage and operate – these features makes the device a perfect tool for business meetings and negotiations. Additionally, it may be used as a help during exams or tests.

The kit consists of two elements

  • Micro earpiece
  • The earpiece was designed to ensure maximum comfort of use while retaining the smallest possible size. The earpiece adjusts itself to the ear canal, and allows additional regulation, which makes it comfortable and provides good reception of sounds. One battery lasts for 5 hours of continuous use.
  • Bluetooth loop®
  • To establish a communication between the inductive loop and the mobile phone, the latter must feature Bluetooth® function (the distance between the phone and the loop cannot be more than 10 meters). Bluetooth® loop can be charged via a USB cable. The loop enables communication by establishing a connection with the micro earpiece, using a sensitive microphone capable of capturing even very quiet sounds. Convenient buttons ensure comfortable operation and allow to listen to the recordings, switch between them, and pick up or end phone calls.

Additional assets of the set

  • Generates audible, clear sounds
  • Shape adjusted to ear canals
  • Compatible with most GSM phones
  • Comfortable, remote control
  • Sensitive microphone allows to communicate easily

Principle of operation of the kit

The communication between the participants of conversation is done by establishing a normal connection with the user's mobile phone. You can make a call with either a mobile phone, a landline phone, or VoIP.

The mobile phone of the user should be connected with the induction loop placed on the neck. The loop, using electromagnetic induction, transfers the sound from the phone to the micro earpiece. Sensitive microphone placed on the loop allows to conduct a discreet conversation.

Bluetooth loop


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Specification of TopPro micro earpiece set
Micro earphone
Length7 mm
Diameter3-7 mm
Power supply337 / SR416SW (1.55V) battery
Voltage1.4V - 1.6V
Operation time on 1 batteryup to 5 h
Frequency range300 Hz ~ 4000 kHz
Sound level93 dB - 104 dB
Distortionmax. 2%
Operation systeminductive (passive)
The maximum distance from the inductive loop40 cm
Bluetooth® induction loop
Standby timeup to 100 h
Talk timeup to 12 h
Sound volume regulationyes
Remote controlyes (receiving, disconnecting)
Remote control of a playeryes
  • Bluetooth®
  • encrypted
Rangeup to 10 m
Bluetooth4.0 low energy
Dimensions37 × 36 × 14 mm
Induction loop wire length80 cm


  • Spy earphone
  • Bluetooth® module with induction loop and microphone
  • Battery charger for Bluetooth ® module
  • Battery for micro earphone
  • Case for earphone
  • User's manual in English
  • Warranty – 12 months


Reviews (7)

By Jasper H.

Comment : passed an important exam thanks to this but shhhhh!
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By Dominic H.

Comment : The only thing missing is a case which sadly has to be acquired for extra money
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By Aidan C.

Comment : To my mind it provides clear sound, fits well in ear and has good quality of sound. Also the price is quite affordable.
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By Lily P.

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By Matthew P.

The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation

By Robert W.

The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation

By Ryan W.

Comment : worth its price, , for sure
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