Spy glasses camera - GL900 for discreet video recording
Spy glasses camera - GL900 for discreet video recording

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Spy glasses camera - GL900 for discreet video recording

  • Visual angle 62°
  • Lens diameter 1 mm
  • Resolution of recordings 1920×1080
  • Operation time of the spy glasses camera 1 h
  • Built-in 16 GB memory


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GL900 - Spy glasses camera for discreet video recording with a built-in memory of 16GB

A spy glasses camera GL900 is a modern recording device hidden in eyeglasses, which makes it a perfect solution when a high level secrecy is required.

The spy glasses camera has been developed for secret filming of the surrounding. 5 Mpix matrix applied in the device allows to record material in a 1920×1080 resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps. The image is clear and the sound credible, so that the material can be used as evidence in a court case.

Okulary GL800

Advantages of the digital micro camera GL900 hidden in eyeglasses

  • Discreet recording

    Highly confidential

    The well-though-out design of the spy glasses camera GL900 makes it highly inconspicuous. 1 mm lens of the camera has been hidden so that it is practically invisible and at the same time resistant to impact and other mechanical damages. There is a secret button, located on an ear grip for switching the device on and off.

  • Innovative construction

    Modern and lightweight design

    The frames of the spy glasses camera have been made of a high-quality thermoplastic material TR90 Switzerland which is non-allergic, highly flexible and therefore very strong.

  • Removable glasses

    Removable lenses

    The spy glasses camera come with transparent lenses (0 dioptres)

  • 5 MPIX matrix

    5 mpix matrix

    The CMOS matrix with the resolution of 5 Mpix provides very good quality of images. Video recordings are clear and readable.

  • Sound recording

    Sound recording

    The spy glasses camera has been equipped with a miniature microphone which captures sound in the immediate vicinity. enabling the user to record conversations and meetings. Another important function is AGC, i.e. automatic gain control which allows to increase the sound sharpness.


    Power supply

    The spy glasses camera is powered by a removable 260 mAh accumulative battery located in an ear grip and connected to the micro USB port. Exchange of the battery is simple and takes just a few seconds. One battery allows for about 1 hour of continuous operation. The camera comes with two batteries which allow for 120 minutes of continuous recording.

  • Removable memory

    Built-in memory

    Collected footage is stored on the built-in memory with the capacity of up to 16 GB. To copy the recorded material - just connect the device to a computer via the USB port.

  • Wide angle of view

    Spy glasses camera view angle

    The view angle of the recorder is 62°.

  • arking of recordings

    Labelling of recordings with the date and time

    Another key function is possibility to label the recordings with the date and time which increases credibility of the recordings and allows for their logical archiving.

Actual product appearance may differ slightly from that shown in the picture, which does not affect the high quality of workmanship.


Spy Shop

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Specification of the GL900 - Spy glasses camera for discreet video recording
Matrix of the spy glasses cameraCMOS 5 Mpix
View angle62°
Lens1 mm
Sensitivity1 lx
Resolution of the spy glasses camera1920×1080
The frame rate30 fps
Compression~11 GB/1 h
File formatAVI
Sampling frequency16 kHz
Memory of the spy glasses camerabuilt-in 16 GB
AGC - Automatic Gain Controlyes
Auto white balanceyes
Automatic backlight compensationyes
Power supply of the spy glasses cameraLi-Poly 260mAh battery
Operation timeup to 60 min
PortUSB 2.0
Operation temperature0°C ~ +60°C
Dimensions of the spy glasses camera152 × 143 × 34 mm


  • Spy glasses camera - GL900 for discreet video recording
  • USB cable
  • Removable battery in the ear grip
  • Case
  • Glasses cloth
  • User manual

Reviews (3)

By Riley S.

Comment : fully working anfd reliable gear for people who want to take discreet photos or rexcordings in high quality without being noticed.
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By Robert G.

Comment : more than only "ok" - deserves 5 stars!
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By Brandon H.

Comment : one of the best models of spy glasses camera that detective store has to offer. Produces very clear footage thanks to the high reoslution of 1920×1080. Secret button for operating the cam is easy to use.Glasses are light but durable/
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