Spy mobile phone - XCell Basic v2 for tapping detection

Spy mobile phone - XCell Basic v2 is a professional cell phone for counter surveillance. The device provides the best protection from eavesdropping keeping your phone conversations and sms messages safe.


How does Spy mobile phone – XCell Basic v2 work?

XCell Basic is able to detect any changes made by a GSM interceptor on a GSM network, in order to register or attract the phone on the fake network (GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert). Phone registration on a new BTS (the fake BTS generated by a GSM interceptor). The cell phone automatically chooses the most powerful GSM signal, which is generated by the interceptor during interception. GSM interceptors (active and semi active ones) make the cell phone handover by suppressing the real network signal with a powerful signal. The other parametersare also mimicked such as: MCC, MNC and LAC. Moreover, ARFCN (communication pair channels) and Cell Phone ID are also changed . XCell Basic v2 detects these changes and a discrete open lock icon will be displayed on the home screen. Same open discrete lock icon will be displayed on active call, in case of call interception (Call Interception Alert).

XCell Basic v2 innovations

  • Improved SS7 (lawful interception) detection of call interception, thanks to cryptoTRACERⓇ algorithm.
  • Improvements in detection of calls interception performed with the newest GSM Interception Systems. The product has been tested on a wide variety of interception devices.
  • SMS Encryption option (AES based), allows for encrypted SMS messages sent between two XCell Basic v2 versions.
  • Improvements in GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert.
  • This version has been tested by the law enforcement units.

Features of the XCell basic V2

GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert

On stand by mode the phone displays a warning icon (open lock) in case of monitoring by GSM Interceptor- Call Interception Alert. During the call, the phone will display an icon (open lock) when active interception is detected. There is no sound or vibration alert.

Forensic Bullet-Proof

The XCell Basic v2 Spy mobile phone cannot be accessed and investigated by forensic software and hardware. Firmware cannot be read/wright or cloned by unlocking boxes.

SMS encryption function

The XCell Basic v2 is equipped with SMS encryption function, which allows for protection of your text messages.

­Specification of the Spy mobile phone- Xcell Basic v2
Call Interception Alert Yes
GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert Yes
AntiINT function (New) No
A5 Change Alert (Change Encryption Alert) Yes
Forensic Bullet-Proof Yes
Channel Lock (ARFCN Lock) No
SMS Encryption Yes
X-cell Technologies
X-Cell Technologies specializes in anti-eavesdropping stealth phones for discreet conversations
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