SpyLogger Pro Cloud - remote employee computer monitoring
SpyLogger Pro Cloud - remote  employee computer monitoring

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SpyLogger Pro Cloud - remote employee computer monitoring

  • Monitoring of one or more computers
  • History of visited websites
  • Licensed for 3 or 12 months
  • Security alerts
  • Remote configuration and data reading

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SpyLogger Cloud - child computer monitoring software

Discreet surveillance of employees' computers can prevent sensitive data leakage, fraud and other manifestations of dishonest behavior. SpyLogger Pro Cloud employee computer monitoring program will facilitate comprehensive security protection of the company. With remote viewing of data, physical access to the controlled device is not required.

SpyLogger Pro Cloud is an extended version of the computer monitoring program dedicated to entrepreneurs. Additional features include the ability to watch over multiple devices simultaneously and the option to remotely configure and view data. Thanks to a practical search engine and security alerts, the user can monitor the situation in the company on an ongoing basis. Information is uploaded to a server, so it does not consume computer resources and can be collected without worrying about lack of memory space. SpyLogger Pro Cloud employee computer monitoring program guarantees full discretion and privacy - data is stored on encrypted disks in a secure location.

License terms
1 license is available only for one device.

Application of the program to monitor your computer

  • parental control
  • protection of children against threats on the Internet
  • employee monitoring

The spyware setup can be done on any computer, allowing you to install SpyLogger on the target hardware in just 30 seconds! The included manual will guide you step-by-step through the installation process.


Software return
Detective Store reserves the right to refuse to accept returns on any software available for purchase.

SpyLogger Pro Cloud is available with a 3 or 12 month license. The retention period (how long the data is kept on the server) is 3 months.

Key features of SpyLogger Cloud Pro employee computer monitoring program

  • Sending data to e-mail

    Sending data to e-mail

    Intelligent Screen Shedding System (SIZE) allows you to monitor your computer desktop by generating periodic snapshots. The user can independently choose the frequency of capturing and the quality of the snapshots.


    Invisible computer monitoring

    The application does not slow down your computer and does not appear on the process list or task manager window. Moreover, it does not affect other applications running on the device.

  • Keylogger – recording from the keyboard

    Keylogger – recording from the keyboard

    The application captures keyboard input with the ability to filter out function characters (e.g. F1, PAGE UP) and format text for easier reading. Logs are time and date stamped. The keylogger function can be deactivated in selected applications.

  • Visited pages (also private mode)

    Browser histery

    The user gets access not only to the explicit browsing history, but also to the list of pages visited in incognito (private) mode.

  • Remote data view

    Remote data view

    An individual account on the server provides control of acquired data and configuration of the monitored computer via a web browser.

  • memory inspection

    Memory inspection

    SpyLogger Cloud employee computer monitoring program provides an overview of the changes made to folders stored on a given device. With the appropriate settings, the application can not only control the files stored on the computer, but also monitor what content is copied to external storage media.

  • Password protected access

    Password protected access

    Information obtained by the program is stored on encrypted disks and can be accessed only after entering a password.

  • Suspicious activity notifications

    Suspicious activity notifications

    To respond to dangerous situations as quickly as possible, you can use the real-time e-mail alerts on unusual or suspicious activity.

  • printer

    Printer surveillance

    PC printer surveillance allows you to quickly respond to unauthorized attempts to print confidential documents.

  • Applications


    By monitoring the time spent in each application, the activity carried out using them and the period of inactivity, the employer can monitor productivity in the company in real time.

  • SpyLogger Pro Cloud - remote monitoring of your employee's computer


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  • SpyLogger Pro Cloud - remote monitoring of your employee's computer

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