SpyPoint trail camera Force-11D with PIR sensor for forests and open spaces monitoring
SpyPoint trail camera Force-11D with PIR sensor for forests and open spaces monitoring

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SpyPoint trail camera Force-11D with PIR sensor for forests and open spaces monitoring

  • Instant response time: 0.07 sec
  • PIR motion sensor - 25 m range
  • IR lighting - 42 diodes
  • Supported memory up to 32 GB
  • SpyPoint trail camera has extremely long operation time

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Force-11D SpyPoint trail camera for forests and open spaces monitoring with PIR sensor and long operation time

SpyPoint Force-11D trail camera is an outdoor camera with imperceptible IR lighting, sensitive motion sensor, instant response time and excellent image quality, which provides possibility to conduct careful control of the surrounding at any time of the day or night.

SpyPoint trail camera is intended for use in field, as it applies energy-saving technology that allows for 12 months of operation. The duration of operation depends on the intensiveness of the use of the device, frequency of lighting and power cells activation. The Force-11D model has a PIR motion sensor which features high sensitivity and instant response time - just 0.07 sec. That short response time of the trail camera guarantee that nothing will escape its lens.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 077 0919 7697
    E-mail: contact@detective-store.com

Advantages of the SpyPoint trail camera Force-11D

  • Great image quality

    Detailed image of a high quality

    Owing to the CMOS matrix applied in the SpyPoint trail camera the collected footage is of an excellent quality. The 11 Mpix matrix applied in the camera generates detailed image in HD quality.

  • Built-in microphone

    Built-In Mic

    The built-in microphone enables audio-video recording. This is extremely useful for nature observation or monitoring of premises.

  • Ir illuminator

    IR lighting

    The Force-11D SpyPoint trail camera has 42 IR diodes that emit invisible light. The lighting inconspicuously lights the monitored area at night in the range of up to 30 m. Note that long-term use of the lighting results in the reduced operation time of the trail camera.

  • HD video quality

    Resolution adjustment

    Functionality of the SpyPoint trail camera enables to adjust the resolution to one’s individual requirements. The video can be made in 1280×720 or 320×240 resolution. Photos can be stored in resolution from the range between 12 MP and 3 MP.

  • PIR motion sensor

    5-zone PIR motion sensor

    The SpyPoint trail camera has been equipped with a 5-zone PIR motion sensor with the view angle of up to 55° and the range of up to 25 m. The PIR sensor responds to heat changes in the surrounding and is activated in the case of temperature differences. This energy-saving solutions is especially useful in monitoring of one’s premises or timber yards.

  • Instant response time

    0.07 sec response time

    Modern technology applied in this device allowed to obtain instant response time of the camera upon detecting a motion, which takes as little as 0.07 sec. By achieving such a time the operator can be sure that nothing escapes the camera.

  • Mode of operation

    Operation mode

    The SpyPoint trail camera has been designed to be user-friendly, so the operator can choose out of 5 available operating modes.

    • photos - the devices saves the material only as photographs,
    • video - material is saved as video recordings,
    • photos + video - after the photo is taken, the video mode is activated,
    • timelapse - the camera takes a series of photos over a certain period of time,
    • test - allows setting the device according to your expectations.
  • Control through LCD

    Built-in 2" display

    The device can be operated via the 2" display enclosed inside the trail camera. The operator is able to quickly review the material or change the settings.

  • Removable SD cards

    Footage saving

    Recordings and photos are saved on removable memory cards with the maximum capacity of 32 GB. Depending on the chosen resolution, a one-hour video file in HD quality takes about 6 GB and a 12 Mpix photo takes 2.5 MB.

  • Long operation time

    Long operation time of the SpyPoint trail camera

    The SpyPoint trail camera is powered by 6 removable AA-type power cells, which, in combination with the PIR sensor, allow for up to one year of operation. To obtain a maximum operation time, it is recommended to use power cells of a higher quality, e.g. AA-type rechargeable batteries.

  • Recordings marking

    Footage marking

    The functions of the device enable to set up a marking option which will provide the material labelled with:

    • the date and time,
    • the temperature,
    • a moon phase
  • Durable case

    Solid and waterproof casing

    The electronics have been enclosed in a solid casing resistant to adverse weather conditions, so that the device can be used outdoors all year round.



SpyPoint is a Canadian company that specializes in design and production of innovative devices for hunters. Complete Spypoint monitoring systems and accessories allow all users to match products to their expectations and needs. The company offers professional camera traps...


Specification of the Force-11D SpyPoint trail camera for forests and open spaces monitoring with PIR sensor and long operation time
1 file size 2 video recording with sound 3 file size 4 6 AA batteries 4 in sleep mode * Depending on the use of IR illuminator
Matrix of the SpyPoint trail cameraCMOS 11 MPx
Angle of view40°
Focusing distance1.5 m to infinity
Exposure timeauto
White balanceauto
Automatic IR filteryes
Picture resolution 1
  • 3MP - (~0,9 MB)
  • 4MP - (~1 MB)
  • 5MP - (~1,2 MB)
  • 6MP - (~1,25 MB)
  • 7MP - (~1,5 MB)
  • 8MP - (~1,7 MB)
  • 9MP - (~1,8 MB)
  • 10MP - (~2,1 MB)
  • 11MP - (~2,3 MB)
  • 12MP - (~2,5 MB)
Photo formatJPG
Microphone 2built-in
Video resolution 3
  • 320×240 (~ 1 GB/h)
  • 640×480 (~ 1,85 GB/h)
  • 1280×720 (~ 6 GB/h)
Video formatAVI
Operating modes of the SpyPoint trail camera
  • photo - series 1-6 shots when motion is detected,
  • video - recording of the video sequences of fixed length 10/30/60/90 seconds after motion is detected,
  • photo + video - making 1 pictures and record video sequences of fixed length after each activation of motion sensor,
  • timelapse - taking pictures at a fixed interval (30s/1m/3m/5m/15m/30m/1h),
  • test mode - programmed to correct camera settings.
  • colorful
  • ACL 2"
IR illuminator
  • yes
  • 42 LEDs
  • IR invisible for the human
Flash range
  • up to 30 m
  • automatic power control
PIR sensor
  • 5 zones
  • adjustable sensitivity
  • 3 levels
The range of sensors1,5-25 m
View angle of PIR sensor55°
Programmable sleep time of sensors
  • yes
  • 10 s/1 m/3 m/5 m/10 m/15 m/30 m
Activation time when motion is detectedup to 0,07 s
Data recordingremovable SD card up to 32 GB
Power supply of the SpyPoint trail camera
  • 6 AA batteries
  • power pack LIT-09 (optional)
  • 12V AC adapter (optional)
  • solar power supply SP-12 (optional)
Power consumption
  • Standby: < 100 μA
  • during night operation: < 750 μA
Operation time 4
  • Standby: up to 12 months 5
  • execution to 8000-12000 images *
  • video: 300-400 min *
Interface of the SpyPoint trail camerano
Tags in recording
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • moon phase
Can be installed on a tripod¼-20"
Operation temperature-30°C ~ +50°C
Storage temperature-40°C ~ +60°C
Operating humidity5% - 95%
Dimensions of the SpyPoint trail camera12,7 × 9,6 × 8,1 cm


  • SpyPoint trail camera Force-11D with PIR sensor for forests and open spaces monitoring
  • Belts assembly
  • Mounting bracket
  • User manual

To take full advantage of the device order a package of AA power cells Eneloop and a memory card up to 32 GB..


Reviews (3)

By Joel F.

Comment : for me the most important feature of this gear is its tremendously long operation time - up to one year! So no need attend to it too often to check batteries and such
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By Parker C.

Comment : I am definitely happy that I decxided for this trail camera and you will be as well ! :)
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By Oscar H.

Comment : Worth its price as it has a very powerful ir illuminator with long range, 11 mpix matrix, PIR motion sensor with five zones and ulytra fast response time (less than a second!). Adirtionally it is solid and fully waterproof what means it works great regardless the conditions.
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