SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module, free configuration and Configured MMS
SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module, free configuration and Configured MMS

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SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module, free configuration and Configured MMS

  • Invisible IR illuminator - 920 nm wavelength
  • PIR motion sensor - range - up to 20 m
  • SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • 5 months operation time in a standby mode
  • Photos in 10Mpx resolution

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The SpyPoint configured MMS trail camera for hunters and wild life observation

The SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module made by the Canadian company SpyPoint is equipped with a built-in GSM module and makes an ideal solution for observation of wild life in the natural environment.

  • Sensors' range

    Sensors' range

    IR - up to 30 m

    PIR - up to 20 m

  • Functionalities

    Functionalities of the Spypoint trail camera

    time laps mode


    files overwriting

  • File format

    File format

    photo: JPG

    video: AVI

  • Maximum resolution

    Maximum resolution of the Spypoint trail camera

    photo: 1280×720

    video: 1234x1234

The presented trail camera is the next strong point on a list of products of the Canadian manufacturer SpyPoint. This camera distinguishes amongst other models by its exceptionally quick and sensitive PIR sensor. When any motion within sensors' range is detected, the camera is triggered and starts recording within 0.07 s! The whole series of available accessories allows to extend easily functionalities of the device.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    52 Ridge Langley
    South Croydon
    Greater London CR2 0AR
    Phone: (44) 077 0919 7697
    E-mail: contact@detective-store.com
Trail camera Spypoint MMS

Advantages of MMS SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module

  • Sensitive 10 Mpx matrix

    Sensitive 10 Mpx matrix

    The Spypoint trail camera uses a modern 10 Mpix CMOS matrix which thanks to the automatic noises reduction produces images of excellent quality.

  • Infra-red diodes

    Infra-red diodes

    The device is equipped with 62 diodes (31 on each side) generating the 920 nm infra-red lighting, completely invisible to the human eye. IR illuminator allows to record clear image even in the total darkness or thick dust.

  • 5 zones motion sensor

    5 zones motion sensor

    The hunting camera has the build-in 5-zone PIR motion sensor what allows for adjustment of sensivity. Such a solution enables to customize the sensivity to the ambient conditions, e.g., during ponds monitoring. This is useful specially in those surroundings, where often there are plenty of vegetation or thickets, which may be rhythmically waggled by the wind and thus send the false signals.

  • Sending photos

    Sending photos

    The built-in GSM module allows for monitoring the surroundings in an easy and quick way by sending photos to the 4 previously defined phone numbers.

  • Considerable energy-saving

    Considerable energy-saving

    The Spypoint trail camera is powered with 6 AA batteries what enables operation of a device in a sleeping mode up to 6 months! The trail camera can be also powered, e.g., with the battery pack 12v KIT which, in turn, can be supplied with the solar charger SP-12 V, so it's possible to achieve an unlimited operation time.

  • Immediate response

    Immediate response

    Triggering time of any device upon motion detecting has never been so quick! It's only 0.07 s.

  • Readable display

    LCD 2.4" display

    The important feature of the camera is its 2.4" LCD display located in the back part of the device. The display enables users a quick configuration or a preview of collected materials without removing a memory card.

  • Resolution

    Resolutionof the Spypoint trail camera

    Device allows for adjusting various resolutions according to individual needs. Photos: 1234×1234 or 3264×2448, videos: 1280×720, QVGA 320×240, VGA 640×480.

  • Video clips recording

    Video clips recording

    Clips can be recorded in 3 possible resolutions, so they can be selected to meet individual needs.

  • SIM cards

    SIM cards

    The device supports SIM cards of any telecom operator, both pre-paid (so called top-up recharge) or subscribed ones.

  • Data archiving and overwriting

    Data archiving and overwriting

    The collected data are recorded on memory cards of up to 32 GB capacity. In case of full memory the data will be overwritten. A memory card is not included in a package.

  • Watertight casing

    Watertight casing

    The internal electronic components of the Spypoint trail camera are secured in a watertight casing what allows for outdoor installation. Acceptable ambient humidity may vary from 5% to 95%.

Widok z kamery SpyPoint MMS
Widok z kamery SpyPoint MMS



SpyPoint is a Canadian company that specializes in design and production of innovative devices for hunters. Complete Spypoint monitoring systems and accessories allow all users to match products to their expectations and needs. The company offers professional camera traps...


Specification of configured SpyPoint trail camera MMS with GSM module
1 optional
Matrix CMOS 10Mpx
Angle of view 40°
Exposure time auto
White Balance of the Spypoint trail camera auto
Automatic IR cut filter yes
Picture Resolution
  • 1234x1234,(~2,1 MB)
  • 3264×2448, (~1,7 MB)
Photos format JPG
Video resolution, frame rate
  • 1280×720, (~ 3,8 GB/h)
  • 320×240, 20 fps/s, (~ 0,7 GB/h)
  • 640×480, 20 fps/s, (~ 2,5 GB/h)
Video format of the Spypoint trail camera AVI
Remote SMS configuration none
Display of the Spypoint trail camera LCD 2.4"
Data saved in the recording
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • phase of the moon
Additional features
  • time lapse - 30s to 1h
  • multi-shoot - up to 6 images for detection
  • overwriting material
Built-in IR lamp
  • yes
  • 62 LEDs
  • 920nm
Flash range up to 30 m
Automatic flash control yes
Motion sensors system five zones
Sensors range up to 25 m
Sensor angle of view 30°
Adjustable sensors sensitivity 3 levels
Programmable sensors sleep time 30s - 60min
Activation time after a motion detection 0,07 s
Data storage removable SD cards up to 32GB
Power supply
  • 6 × AA battery
  • solar charger 1
  • AC adapter 1
Operation time up to five months (with AA batteries)
Low voltage alarm (SMS) yes
  • USB
  • TV output
GSM module
  • 4-band
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Photos sending
  • VGA 640×480
  • by MMS on the fixed numbers (1-4)
Programmable sent photos limit 1-99 a day or without restrictions
Supported SIM cards
  • subscription
  • pre-paid
Operating temperature of the Spypoint trail camera -30°C - +50°C
Operating Humidity 5% - 95%
Dimensions 109×173×76 mm


  • SpyPoint trail camera with a GSM module
  • Mounting strap
  • Power cable
  • User manual


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