SSB-021 stethoscope stereo wiretap

SSB-021 stethoscope wiretap is a very advanced device which allows to receive wiretapped signals in stereo, even through walls, giving a clear and sharp sound.

Unlike other similar devices of this class, SSB-021 is equipped in double system of piezoelectric converters and microphones, which makes the whole system work better. Two microphones, placed on the wall, capture waves vibration caused by a conversation; the wire transfers them to the receiver which amplifies and filters all the tones. The generated sound is clear very distinct and using two microphones allows to listen-in in stereo quality. Additionally, using the wire instead of wireless communication increases the safety of use. The wiretap becomes undetectable.

The product is recommended both for professionals from the detective branch who need an equipment of very high quality and for amateurs of very high requirements who look for a safe solution.

Specification of SSB-021 stethoscope stereo wiretap
Minimum input signal level 3×10–6g
Sensitivity at 27 kOhm (@ 3V) impedance 15 V/g
Frequency range at 6 dB irregularities in amplitude-frequency response 0.2 – 6 kHz
Converter piezoelectric crystal
Amplitude-frequency response damping
  • 1kHz – 6 dB
  • 300 Hz – 15 dB
Damping between channels 40 dB
Stereo balance control +/- 10 dB
Power supply:
  • internal: 4 x AA 1.5 V battery
  • external: 9-12 V
Average current draw 25 mA
Size 128 × 99 × 23 mm
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In box
In box
  • SSB-021 stethoscope stereo wiretap
  • 2 stethoscope sensors
  • Amplifier
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This stethoscope is a highly advanced product for professionalists searching for something fully reliable, providing clear sound and undetecteable. Not suited for amateurs, I think

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  • Operating range 25-1300 MHz
  • GPS location - optional
  • Scanning speed: 85 steps/second
  • Close Call RF function
  • Transmission recording on MicroSD card
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