Stealth phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 for tapping detection Movie
Stealth phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 for tapping detection
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Stealth phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 for tapping detection

  • 2 years of warranty
  • 2 slots for sim cards
  • GSM interception alert
  • Forensic Bullet-Proof
  • Discreet conversation

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­Stealth phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 for tapping detection

Stealth phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 supports all countries as well as GSM networks. The device allows you for discreet conversations and prevents from being eavesdropped.


XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 is the first stealth phone with dual sim properties for tapping detection. It has a similar function as the Xcell basic but without a function of SMS encryption.

The phone has been simplified in comparison to v1 version: the alert icon is only visible when the call is being intercepted, or if the phone recognises IMSI Catcher/GSM Interceptor in the close area.

Network monitoring indicators have been also removed.

Special functions are only available while using SIM1 and are unavailable for SIM2.


Please note that Special Functions are only available when using SIM1, being unavailable for SIM2. Other properties of SIM2 have remained the same.

Firmware update: 12.01.2016. After you purchase our product, please inform us which Basic model you choose: Basic v2 or Basic v2 Dual SIM.

Features of the stealth phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2:

  • GSM Interceptor Proximity Alert. On stand by mode the phone displays a warning icon (open lock) in case of monitoring by GSM Interceptor- Call Interception Alert. During the call, the phone will display an icon (open lock) when active interception is detected. There is no sound or vibration alert.
  • Forensic Bullet-Proof. The XCell Basic Dual SIM v2 Stealth Phone cannot be accessed and investigated by forensic software and hardware. Firmware cannot be read/wright or cloned by unlocking boxes. Mobile forensic eqipment cannot access the stealth phone. The security filter blocks physical extraction and file system extraction. This option is set automatically.

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X-cell Technologies

X-Cell Technologies specializes in anti-eavesdropping stealth phones for discreet conversations


­Specification of the Stealth Phone - XCell Basic Dual SIM v2
Call Interception AlertYes
Dynamic IMEI (manual change IMEI)Yes
Clear Call Log (self delete)No
A5 Change Alert (Change Encryption Alert)Yes
UnPing (Location Tracking Alert)No
Forensic Bullet-ProofYes
Channel Lock (ARFCN Lock)No

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