Subscription of one-year Tractive tracking service
Subscription of one-year Tractive tracking service
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Subscription of one-year Tractive tracking service

  • Range covered in more than 80 countries
  • Convenient, mobile, free application
  • Real-time tracking
  • Safe zone
  • Unlimited history

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Subscription of Tractive tracking service - one-year access to the GPS platform

Subscription of Tractive tracking service guarantees one-year access to the platform cooperating with a GPS locator which allows the users for live tracking of their dog, horse or other animal which often stays outside home.

Tractive tracking service cooperates with the GPS locators designated for dogs of Tracive brand and allows for real-time tracking of dogs on their way via free software available for devices based on Android and iOS systems.

Most important functionalities offered by the Tractive tracking service and mobile application

  • Power supply level information

    Power supply level information

    A very useful functionality is an alert warning about the incoming discharge of battery which is displayed by a mobile application.

  • One-year access

    One-year access

    Subscription grants one-year access to the server thus enabling the users to track their dog (or other animal) round the clock.

  • Technical support

    Technical support

    Upon buying subscription of service you are sure that in case of a sudden problems you can get assistance from Tractive specialists within 24 hours (only working days).

  • Safe zone

    Safe zone

    "Safe zone" is one of the key GPS locator's features. It enables you to define such a desired distance from your home (as a radius) within which your dog can move freely. When your dog leaves a zone border you will be informed about it with a special message.

  • Unlimited history

    Unlimited history

    The whole history of your tracker activity is stored on the server. This enables to analyze what areas your animal attends most often.

  • Unlimited range

    Unlimited range

    Subscription enables to use the device at every continent and covers over 80 countries.

  • Annual Tractive subscription - scratch card with an access code to the server GPS



"Animals are our passion" is the main slogan of Tractive company which operates since 2012. Its products are dedicated to animals and their owners. The offer contains a variety of products so anyone will something for his no matter if it is a domestic dog or a hunting dog. Modern...


  • Annual Tractive subscription - scratch card with an access code to the server GPS


    Reviews (8)

    By Musa W.

    Comment : The sevice provides all function needed for effective tracking: access to online platform, techincal support, history of locations, world-wide range. Very comprehensive service indeed.
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    By Kacper N.

    Comment : I travel a lot and always take my dog with me - - great that Tractive tracker works practically everywhere !
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    By Joey P.

    Comment : if you own expensive dogs like I do this tracking service calms your nerves as you can keep a virtual eye on them all the time and do not need to worry that somethin g bad happens to them. Worth all the money.
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    By Jesse L.

    Comment : compatible with Android and iOs but what if somebody uses Windows Phone?! I wish I could purchase it but now I feel neglected a bit . . . :(
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    By Chloe D.

    Comment : Safe Zone feature is just splendid !!
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    By Connor E.

    Comment : convenient modern technology that made my adult life easier
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    By David G.

    Comment : Inseparable addition to your Tractive tracker, so why sold separately?!
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    By Eleanor H.

    Comment : works in many countries so you're not limited by your current location
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