The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET
The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET

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The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET

  • Unlimited GSM communication
  • Discreet, signalling button
  • Advanced, Bluetooth module of the The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET
  • Small, sensitive micrpohone
  • Miniature, waterproof headphone


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The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET

The smallest bluetooth headset is one of the most discreet solution for wireless GSM communication in the most stressful conditions. Extremely sensitive microphone, miniature headphones as well as the Bluetooth module all provide convenient communication from a long distance.

  • Miniaturization



  • Bluetooth connection


  • Operation time of the device

    Operation time of the The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET

    continuous mode up to 10h

    sleep mode up to 300h

  • Wzmocnienie dźwięku

    Sound amplification

The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET is a set consisting of a small Bluetooth module, which is powered by a 9V battery. The best audio quality provides protocol A2DP and AVRCP, so that you are sure that during the examination the person on the other side of the GSM Connection will be well heard even your softest whisper. Bluetooth transmission range depends on the ambient conditions (different kinds of partitions, etc.) and can reach up to 10 meters.

How does set BTcom SBB SET work?

  • Synchronize telephone with a Bluetooth module
  • Hide Bluetooth module in a pocket
  • Put the loop on your neck
  • Bring out the microphone, either by the collar or sleeve
  • Mount the signalling button on your toe
  • Put the headphone both in the left and in the roght ear
  • Perform a call test!

Bezprzewodowa komunikacja Bluetooth

In spite of the small size of the microphone the device catches the quietest sounds, including soft whisper. Auto Gain captures sounds from other people, but if you whisper, microphone will strengthen your voice guaranteeing the audibility for the person who is on the other side of the GSM connection.

The great advantege of the microheadphones is their size of - 6x6 mm and black, rubber housing. Microheadphones are completely waterproof and safe in use.

Application of magnetic microheadphone

Wkładanie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Step 1

Remember about cleaning the ear accurately. Place the microheadphone in your fingers as in the photo, with metal points in and outside the ear. It will help to pull the headphone over later.

Wkładanie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Step 2

Put the headphone to your ear and gently push it towards deep into the ear canal. In order to check the headphones stability, move your head in different directions. Microheadphone is safe for health.

Wkładanie bezprzewodowej mikrosłuchawki

Step 3

Done! The headphone is invisible for the third party even form a short distance.

Pulling the headphone over is very simple. It is enought to put the metal handle close to the ear. It could also be any metal object for e.g. keys. Remember, to clean the headphone under running water just after pulling it over in order to keep the hygiene standards.

Where to put particular elements?

Wireless Bluetooth communication

Set BTcom SBB SET is an ideal lifeuboy in stresful situations e.g. during exams. The device works well in silence as the sound of the handset is audible only to the person set. It is because the sound which is generated based on the phenomenon of magnetic induction. Miniature earphones and Bluetooth module is the ideal solution for each examination.

Set for discreet Bluetooth communication

Optional accessories for The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET

  • Durable housing for sets

    Handy and durable housing

    Made of durable plastic material case is designed for examination sets to easily hide Bluetooth / MP3 and wiring.


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Specification of the The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET
Transmissionvoice communication
Volume adjustment functionstak
Microphone+85 dB (whispers hearing)
Frequency range of the smallest bluetooth headset
  • bluetooth 2400-2480MHz
  • microheadphone 200-5400HZ
  • bluetooth V 2,1 + EDR
  • audio - A2DP i AVRCP
  • Efficient noice elimination
Bluetooth signallingblue and red LED diode
Bluetooth transmission rangeup to 10 meters
Power supply of the The smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET9v battery
Operation time
  • active mode up to 10 h
  • sleep mode up to 300 h
  • microheadphone 6×6 mm
  • Bluetooth module 35×55×13 mm
  • microphone wire 1,5 m
  • microphone 3 mm


  • Bluetooth module of the smallest bluetooth headset - BTcom SBB SET
  • 2x microheadphone (right and left)
  • Inductive neck loop
  • Handle for pulling the headphone over
  • Signalling button (for montage on a toe)
  • User manual


  • 9V battery
    • Alkaline battery
    • Voltage: 9V
    • Long-lasting
    • For devices with low power consumption
    • Perfect for alarm clocks, microphones, etc.
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Reviews (7)

By Elias E.

Comment : Got it as a present from my mates, bought myself a nice case (sold separately) and now I feel like a spy, ha ha
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By Billy A.

Comment : headphone is sooo tiny that it is really invisible, even if you stabnd next to it!
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By Ayaan C.

Comment : Had some problems with comprehending how it works but after contacting the store their expert explained everything and now it works as should.
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By Aaron A.

Comment : Comprehensive set that I have already tested and can recommned
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By Paige T.

Comment : 100% discreet!
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By Reece W.

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By Samuel W.

Comment : needed something really small and came across this miniature bluetooth headset. So tiny but great quality and what a lovely price.
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