Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD
Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD

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Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD

  • Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD
  • Magnification , and
  • Various image colour palettes
  • AMOLED SVGA 060 display
  • Watertight and easy to mount

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Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD made by Armasight

Hand-held and lightweight thermal scope Prometheus HD of the American brand Armasight is a modern device for tactical operations both at day and at night.

Applications of the Armasight thermal scope

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Armed forces
  • Tactical operation (the police and army)
  • Security agencies
  • Amateurs

Advantages of the thermal scope Prometheus HD

  • Advanced FLIR sensor

    Advanced FLIR sensor

    The device is equipped with a professional component produced by the FLIR company which is a world leader in manufacturing the modern thermal vision systems. Prometheus HD has the built-in Tau 2 sensor, i.e., an uncooled microbolometer.

  • Precise and distinct image

    Precise and distinct image

    Unlike the night vision technologies, thermal vision allows for operation in very scarce lighting condition, e.g., during heavy cloud cover or even in total darkness. As a thermal vision phenomena is grounded on capturing electromagnetic microwaves, so the intensity of light in the surroundings is irrelevant. The waves generated by every object are subject to analysis of temperature distribution against the ambient temperature.

  • Operation independent from ambient lighting

    Operation independent from ambient lighting

    Thermal scope Prometheus HD thanks to a phenomenon of thermal vision doesn't need any light (in contrast to night vision systems), so it ideally works out as a tactical tool for observation in the open areas during heavy dust, smokes, or in total darkness.

  • Low temperature and water resistance

    Low temperature and water resistance

    The thermal scope is made of water-resistant materials, so it can be used in the open during rain or heavy fog. In addition, its high resistance to low temperatures - up to -40°C allows for operation in the coldest corners of the world.

  • Image recording

    Image recording

    Detective Store offers a dedicated digital DT Armasight recorder equipped with a built-in NTSC/PAL socket which enables to record an image seen with the thermovisor.

  • Selectable display modes

    Selectable display modes

    The thermal scope generates image which can be displayed in various colour palettes: white-hot, black-hot, also other palettes can be selected like sepia or rainbow.

  • Energy-saving


    The device is powered with two CR123 batteries what enables a continuous operation for round 4 hours. It's also possible to connect to it an external power pack what would prevent an unexpected discharge.

  • Short power-on time

    Short power-on time

    Prometheus HD thermal scope is ready for work in only 3 seconds.

  • Designed and made in the USA

    Designed and made in the USA

    Armasight devices are designed and manufactured in the USA. The manufacturer grants failure-free performance and top quality of its devices.

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Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specifications of the Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD
  • FLIR Tau 2
  • amorphous
  • silicic
  • microbolometer
Resolution of the thermal scope 336×256
Resolution 336×256
Thermal sensitivity < 50 mK
Spectral Response 7,5 – 13,5 μm
Lens material German
Aperture 1:1.1
Pixel size 17 μm
Angular resolution 60 mrad
Eye relief 14 mm
Minimum focusing distance 5 m
Manual Focus 5m to infinity
Digital Zoom of the thermal scope
Humans detection no data
Color palette settings
  • yes
  • white - hot / black - hot
  • variable color modes
  • nonstandard
Drop-down menu
  • in sight
  • handling through buttons
Video output NTSC / PAL 9Hz
Start time ~3s
Power supply of the thermal scope 2 × CR123A, 3V battery
Operating time ~4h (20°)
Resistance to moisture waterproof
Operating temperature of the thermal scope -40°C - 50°C
Storage temperature -50°C - 70°C
Dimensions depending on the version (table)
Weight depending on the version (table)

Specifications of each models of Armasight Prometheus

 Prometheus 336 HD 5-20×75, 30 HzPrometheus 336 HD 5-20×75, 60 HzPrometheus 336 HD 8-32×100, 30 HzPrometheus 336 HD 8-32×100, 60 Hz
800×600 800×600 800×600 800×600
30 Hz 60 Hz 30 Hz 60 Hz
75 mm 75 mm 100 mm 100 mm
5.3×/6.3× 5.3×/6.3× 7.0×/8.4× 7.0×/8.4×
4.3°×3.2° 4.3°×3.2° 3.3°×2.5° 3.3°×2.5°
220×89×89 220×89×89 239×116×116 239×116×116
0,86 kg 0,86 kg 1,1 kg 1,1 kg
29859,00 30709,00 36109,00 36109,00


  • Thermal scope Armasight Prometheus HD
  • Case
  • 2 x CR123 battery
  • Cartridge Battery
  • Cloth for optics
  • Video cable
  • Picatinny adapter
  • Wireless remote control
  • User manual


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