TV-5220M metal reinforced casing for photo-traps
TV-5220M metal reinforced casing for photo-traps

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TV-5220M metal reinforced casing for photo-traps

  • Designed for TV-5220M model
  • Protective metal casing
  • Has a padlock support
  • Movable grip
  • Protects the photo-trap effectively

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TV-5220M metal reinforced casing for photo-traps

Metal, very resilient casing designed for protection of photo-traps of the TV-5220M series. It protects the device from mechanical damage, hard weather conditions and hits caused by people and animals. Regulated crank allows to install the set conveniently and the room for installing the padlock will protect the photo-trap from theft. Casing size is: 17.5 × 11.2 × 7.2 cm.


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Reviews (2)

By Rachel M.

Comment : received it yesterday, seems really solid
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By Paige P.

Comment : My cam was quite expensive so this additional protection against damages was a must
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