UFED Cloud Analyzer for cloud data extraction Movie
UFED Cloud Analyzer for cloud data extraction

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UFED Cloud Analyzer for cloud data extraction

  • Cloud data extraction
  • Mobile-based extraction
  • Evidence collection
  • Reports making
  • Collected data sharing

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­UFED Cloud Analyzer for cloud data extraction

Cloud data sources can serve as great evidence in case of forensic investigations. Investigators oftenn need these kinds of data in order to solve criminal cases. Accessing these data is extremely challenging.

UFED Cloud Analyzer is an advanced device for cloud data extraction. The device allows for instant extraction, preservation and analysis of private social media accounts, storaged files and other content. The great advantage of the UFED Cloud Analyzer is the fact that, the device not only collects the data from the cloud but also puts and classifies it in the clearest way for fornesic investigations. Therefore, the criminal investigators can easily answer the questions “Who? When? Where?”.

The key features of UFED Cloud Analyzer:

  • Mobile-based extraction: Provides the access to private-user cloud data legally. Utilizes login information extracted from the mobile device.
  • Username-based extraction: Allows to log in the private-user cloud data considering usernames and passwords provided by the subject of investigation. The data is extracted from personal files, contacts or through other discovery means.
  • Forensic data preservation: Extract information from cloud data sources while logging and tracing. Maintain data authenticity. Each piece of extracted data is marked separately and can be later compared against its origin.
  • Visualize data in a unified format: Normalizes different cloud services in a unified format and view. The data is viewed in Timeline, File Thumbnails, Contacts or Maps format.
  • Report, share & export: Creates and shares easy-to read, PDF reports for data sets or filtered information. Exports extracted data to other analytical tools for deeper analysis and cross source investigation with third party data.
  • Extensive cloud-based data sources: Provides access to more than 25 private cloud data sources including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Dropbox and Gmail.

UFED Cloud Analyzer allows to:

  • Perform Timely Extractions of Private User Data,
  • Organize the collected data for further presentation,
  • Integrate and publish Data for Further Analysis.

The steps, which need to be taken during UFED Cloud Analyser investigations:

  1. Extract
  2. Access
  3. Analyze
  4. Share

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­Specifications of UFED Cloud Analyzer
PCWindows compatible PC with Intel i5 compatible running at 1.9 GHz or higher
Operating systemWindows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8 , 64-bit or Windows 10, 64-bit
Memory (RAM)Recommended: 16 GB, Minimum: 8 GB
Space1.5 GB free disc space for installation
Supported data sourcesFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail and others

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