UFED Touch2 Ultimate - Professional cell phone analyzer with an annual licence Movie
UFED Touch2 Ultimate - Professional cell phone analyzer with an annual licence

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UFED Touch2 Ultimate - Professional cell phone analyzer with an annual licence

  • Fast and powerful computing engine
  • Physical and logical data extraction from mobile phones
  • UFED Touch Ultimate supports more than 4000 different devices
  • Intuitive user interface, large touchscreen
  • used by both forensics scientist and intelligence services

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UFED Touch2 Ultimate – professional extraction and analysis of data from mobile devices

The latest generation of computer forensics device – the UFED Touch2 Ultimate enables complex logical and physical data extraction from mobile devices, as well as subsequent data decoding, data analysis and report generation. Advanced methods of logical and physical data extraction provide access to all types of file systems or passwords, including both the deleted and the protected ones.

Compact and robust design of the UFED2 Touch2 Ultimate, integrated power supply, system mobility, intuitive user interface and good technical parameters are main advantages of Cellebrite, which make it stand out from other rival devices.

UFED Touch2 Ultimate is an indispensable tool for both criminologists and IT specialists. It provides access to data inaccessible by other methods and speeds up overall data analysis process.

The professional mobile phones analyzer extracts any kind of data stored on memory cards. It supports more than 4 thousand different mobile devices, such as:

  • mobile phones;
  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • GPS trackers.

The old design, renowned for being an experts' choice worldwide, was greatly improved and additionally equipped with:

  • improved touchscreen makes work more effective and comfortable
  • improved computational power for faster extraction and data analysis
  • preliminary preview of acquired information and results of data analysis
  • improved hardware (more memory, USB 3.1 support, etc.)
  • many improved features, such as new transport case design or innovative cable organization to save precious space
  • Built-in multi SIM reader
  • 1024 high resolution
  • battery life enhancements
  • DDR3 memory
  • Large and fast hard drive (SSD 128 GB)
  • Mini display port
  • Customized Windows 10

UFED Touch2 Ultimate is a leading manufacturer of physical extraction and mobile data analysis tools for investigative authorities.

  • Exclusive physical extraction and advanced decoding from BlackBerry devices running OS 4, 5, 6 and 7. Real-time decryption for selected devices
  • The professional cell phone analyzer supports password protected, jailbroken, non-jailbroken, encrypted and non-encrypted iOS devices
  • Bypasses PIN/Pattern/Passcode lock from selected Android devices running any version
  • The most powerful solution for phones with Chinese chipsets (UFED CHINEX)
  • TomTom trip-log decryption and extraction from other portable GPS devices
  • Complete extraction of existing, hidden and deleted data: SMS, MMS, contacts, call history, calendar, email, media, location information (WiFi, cell tower and navigation applications, geotags) and other
  • Proprietary technology and boot loaders ensure forensically sound extracted data
  • Complete field-ready mobile operational kit – compact tip connectors with 4 master cables for extraction and charging during usage
  • Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they are introduced to the market

UFED Touch2 Ultimate is only an advanced device with innovative technical solutions but also software able to rapidly and effectively extract invaluable information for investigators.

UFED Physical Analyzer

  • the most advanced physical extraction programme with decoding, analysis and raport generation features
  • rich set of data including SMS, MMS, chats, calendar, call logs, contacts, applications
  • search based either on open text or specific parameters
  • monitor events in a single chronological view
  • ability to highlight information based on predefined list of values
  • powerful feature used to recover deleted image files and fragments when only remnants are available (only physical extraction)
  • view communications between sources in date and time order
  • generate and customize reports in different formats e. g. PDF, HTML and XML
  • viewing, searching and exporting tables and content from SQLite database files
  • hexadecimal view of the extracted data enabling advanced search based on multiple parameters (regular expressions and more)
  • UFED Touch2 Ultimate highlights the exact position for each decoded content entry, enabling full tractability between the analyzed data and the Hex
  • using the Python shell, enhances the capabilities for content decoding
  • run Python scripts via plug-ins; edit and create new decoding chains

UFED Phone Detective

Helps investigators identify a mobile phone at the start of an investigation

UFED Reader

UFED Reader allows authorized personnel to share examination results with others


available as an add-on to the UFED Touch2 Ultimate is the UFED CHINEX; the premium, field-ready solution for the extraction of evidentiary data from phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

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Cellebrite is a company which exists since 1999 and is a part of a Japanese Sun Corporation. It was founded by experienced specialists dealing with solutions in fixed and mobile telephony. It soon became a world leader of advanced technologies used for analysis and recovering the...


Specification of the UFED Touch2 Ultimate - Professional cell phone analyzer
Wide variety of supported devices due to cooperation with many phone manufacturers
Logical extractionsupports more than 3953 different devices
Physical extractionmore than 1727 devices
Access to file system1441 different devices;
Password recovery804 devices
Wiring of the UFED Touch2 Ultimatethe complete set of cables for connecting every supported device
Provided by the manufacturer
  • technical support for the professional cell phone analyzer
  • software update
  • cables for new mobile phones
Access to data and physical extraction from mobile phone memory
Access to both existing and deleted data
  • call log
  • text messages
  • contacts
  • media files
Access to passwordsread passwords in phone
SIM cardsexisting and deleted information about SIM cards
Access to data
  • data from external devices and memory cards, such as SD cards
  • data from external software, such as GPS searches
  • access to IMSI and IMEI/ESN history
Safety data extraction
Reliable and safe data extraction
  • protection against viruses
  • no risk of driver conflict
  • MD5 and SHA256 support
  • files with recovered data
  • protected reports from modification
Two versions of the UFED Touch2 Ultimate sets
  • Standard
  • Ruggedized - strengthened with additional elements
High efficiency and reliability of system
LanguagesEuropean, Asian and Middle East languages support
Intuitive operation of the professional cell phone analyzer
  • clear and easy to understand reports
  • intuitive data recovery and analysis process
  • clear and easy to understand
  • adapting to the requirements resulting from the application
Open source code
  • makes it easier to customize the software to meet specific requirements of the user
  • creating custom modules-plugins for more effective and goal-orientated work
UFED Report Managercreates and organizes data in the form of readable reports
Report formatconcise and easy to analyse reports are generated in HTML, XLS, CSV or XML format
Printoutsprovides an orderly prints that can be presented, eg. in the courtroom
Editable fieldscustomizable and editable data fields
UFED Physical Analyzer software
  • facilitates navigation through very sophisticated structure of a phone's memory
  • embedded memory maps of each supported mobile phone model substantially facilitate recovering of important data
Additional advantages of the UFED Touch2 Ultimate - Professional cell phone analyzer
  • systematic phone data presentation
  • embedded information about the structure of each supported mobile phone file system
  • supports text fields, dates, numbers and other data structure
  • smart string searching
  • hierarchic tree-view makes it easier and faster to navigate through mobile's file system
  • advanced searching for both new and experienced users
  • Portable-integrated battery
  • touch screen and intuitive GUI
  • HTML report viewer for onscreen viewing of reports


standardreinforced with additional straps and clasp locks
standardrubber with cable shield

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