UFED Ultimate License - 1 year
UFED Ultimate License - 1 year
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UFED Ultimate License - 1 year

  • Mannual license
  • UFED Ultimate software
  • Physical and logical data extraction
  • Monthly updates
  • Technical support

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UFED Ultimate License - 1 year

UFED Touch Ultimate is the software designed for investigators. It provides invaluable information and effective solutions.

As an authorized partner of Cellebrite we offer annual license for UDED Ultimate software. The prolongation of the license makes it possible to download monthly updates and have an access to technical support.

UFED Physical Analyzer

  • the most advanced physical extraction programme with decoding, analysis and report generation features
  • rich set of data including SMS, MMS, chats, calendar, call logs, contacts, applications
  • search based either on open text or specific parameters
  • monitor events in a single chronological view
  • ability to highlight information based on predefined list of values
  • powerful feature used to recover deleted image files and fragments when only remnants are available (only physical extraction)
  • view communications between sources in date and time order
  • generate and customize reports in different formats e. g. PDF, HTML and XML
  • viewing, searching and exporting tables and content from SQLite database files
  • hexadecimal view of the extracted data enabling advanced search based on multiple parameters (regular expressions and more)
  • highlights the exact position for each decoded content entry, enabling full tractability between the analysed data and the Hex
  • using the Python shell, enhances the capabilities for content decoding
  • run Python scripts via plug-ins; edit and create new decoding chains
  • UFED Phone Detective – helps investigators identify a mobile phone at the start of an investigation
  • UFED Reader – the UFED Reader allows authorized personnel to share examination results with others
  • UFED CHINEX – available as an add-on to the UFED Touch Ultimate is the UFED CHINEX; the premium, field-ready solution for the extraction of evidentiary data from phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

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Cellebrite is a company which exists since 1999 and is a part of a Japanese Sun Corporation. It was founded by experienced specialists dealing with solutions in fixed and mobile telephony. It soon became a world leader of advanced technologies used for analysis and recovering the...

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