Ultrasonic sound generator Panel P11 Ultra-Max for audio jamming and safe business conversations

The P11 Ultra Max panel is a Ultrasonic sound generator that guarantees safe meetings, business conferences and confidential business calls. The digital ultrasonic signal blocks the microphones, e.g. in mobile phones, smartphones, voice recorders, cameras and wiretaps. The device is characterized by small dimensions that facilitate installation in any room and the operating range up to 10 meters. A great choice for businessmen who value their privacy.

  • Recording time

    Operation time

    up to 3 h

  • Video format

    Jamming range

    up to 10 m

  • Silent operation

    Quiet operation

  • Orientation


    vertically and horizontally 90o degrees

Is it possible to effectively protect against eavesdropping? Absolutely - all you need to do is invest in a modern Ultrasonic sound generator - Panel P11 Ultra-Max . This small device produces a strong digital ultrasound signal that blocks the operation of microphones in cameras, voice recorders, cell phones and various types of wiretaps: analog, digital, seismic and optical. By installing the equipment in an office or conference room, you ensure safety and protection against surveillance during important business talks and trade negotiations.


When using the equipment, remember that its effectiveness is influenced by various factors: the location of the jammer, room acoustics, type of listening device and volume level. Using the equipment does not provide 100% protection against all types of spying devices. For better effectiveness, it is recommended to conduct conversations in a weaker and quieter voice than normal.

The most important features of the Ultrasonic sound generator Panel P11 Ultra-Max

  • Efficient wiretaps jamming


    Generating a digital ultrasonic signal blocks the operation of wireless and inline microphones as well as devices such as:

    • mobile phones, smartphones, tablets
    • professional digital voice recorders
    • older and newer models of voice recorders/li>
    • wireless cameras
    • analog, digital, optical and seismic wiretap
  • Built-in battery


    The Ultrasonic sound generator has a built-in battery that provides up to 3 hours of continuous operation. The jammer can also be connected to the mains to enable for unlimited operation time.

  • Silent operation


    The P11 Ultra-Max wiretap jammer is distinguished by a high operating culture. The device does not make bothersome noises and ensures easy communication in its vicinity.

  • Long range


    Depending on the type of spy device, the operating range of the jammer can reach from 1 to even 10 meters.

  • Remote control


    You can turn the Ultrasonic sound generator on and off with a miniature radio remote control. The operating range of the remote control is up to 20 meters.

  • Small size


    The small dimensions of the device (43 × 33 × 3.5 cm) make its installation very easy - you can, for example, put it on a desk or hang it on a wall.

The Ultrasonic sound generator P11 panel effectively blocks listening and recording devices at a distance of 1 to 10 meters. The examples of blocked devices are:

  • mobile phones
  • digital sound recorders with a built-in microphone or a microphone with a cable
  • professional digital voice recorders, such as: EDIC-the mini, Gnome, Olympus, Papyrus
  • recorders built into smartphones, such as: iPhone, HTC, SONY, LG, SAMSUNG
  • wireless microphones, microphones of audio-video recorders
  • camera microphones, spy devices microphones
  • professional voice recorders hidden in ATM cards
  • old and newer voice recorder and recorders in a metal housing
Specification of the Ultrasonic sound generator Panel P11 Ultra Max
Jamming range up to 10 m
Orientation vertical and horizontal - 90o
Remote control 433,92 MHz pilot
Operation time up to 3 h
Power supply built-in battery + network power supply 110-230 V
Operation temperature 0° + 40°C
Dimensions 430 × 330 × 35 mm
Weight 4 kg
The TTS company is a designer and manufacturer of high-tech devices designed to protect confidential information. The company was founded in 1996 in Norway and has been growing steadily ever since, successively conquering the global market. Extensive experience, continuous acquisition of knowledge and excellent knowledge of the industry contribute to the fact that the equipment offered by the company definitely stands out from the competition. TTS products are already trusted not only by individual customers, security agencies, detective companies and private enterprises, but also by the police, military and special services such as the Homeland Security, CBA and CBŚ.
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In box
In box
  • Ultrasonic sound generator Panel P11 Ultra-Max for audio jamming

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