Undercarriage inspection system PUV-227 from Sas R&D

PUV-227 offered by the American manufacturer of professional security control and inspection equipment Sas R&D Services, Inc. is a mobile Undercarriage inspection system for controlling car chassis. The system is a combination of small size and low weight with the functionality of stationary systems at an attractive price. The system has been designed for easy and quick setting of the inspection stand.

  • View angle

    Angle of view


  • Work time

    Operation time of the Undercarriage inspection system

    100000 h

  • Resolution


    525 linii TV

  • Health friendly

    Protection class


The complete kit with an aluminum housing with a load capacity of up to 18 tons per axle can be fully packed into the Pelican™ transport box when correctly positioned. The housing has integrated LED lighting, day/night cameras that completely capture the image of the chassis of a passing vehicle. Inspection can be carried out remotely, which significantly increases operator safety. PUV-277 is based on specialized PC software that provides effective chassis inspection, archiving and viewing of chassis scans performed.

The Undercarriage inspection system consists of the following elements:

  • a housing made of the highest grade aviation aluminum with dimensions of 31.75 × 26.67 × 7.62 cm and weighing only 3.17 kg, which will withstand a vehicle weighing up to 18143 kg per axle
  • 2 color CCD video cameras 1/3", weather-resistant (IP66) with a resolution of 525 TV lines with a 130° viewing angle and automatic exposure control function.
  • LED lighting (18 LEDs for each camera) activated by movement ensuring clear image during day and night
  • shielded 2AWG cable with a standard length of 15.25 m, which ensures a safe distance between the operator and the tested vehicle, equipped with 3 protective covers (45.72 cm)
  • control unit — laptop (Intel Core i5, HDD 500 GB, with 15.6” 1366 x 768 screen) with dedicated software, training materials and documentation (in English)
  • 1510 Pelican™ transport case

It is possible to control vehicles traveling at speeds up to 16km/h without compromising image quality. Strong lighting of the Undercarriage inspection system allows accurate registration of details. Visualization of the image from cameras on a split screen allows thorough inspection. HDD can store up to 250 full scans with the possibility of their accurate analysis, scrolling and zooming.

Specification of the Undercarriage inspection system PUV-227
Monitor 15,6” 1366×769
Processor Intel Core i3 2,4 GHz
Memory RAM 4 GB DDR3
Hard drive 500 GB HDD
Power supply 230 V AC
Image divided screen
No distortion speed: up to 16 km/h
Memory 250 scans
Scans analysis scrolling, accelerating and zooming
Casing of the aircraft aluminum
Illumination 2×18 white LED diodes
Power supply 12 V
Operation time of the Undercarriage inspection system PUV-227 100000 h
Camera matrix 1/3” CCD
Resolution 525 TV lines
Camera angle of view 130°
Protection class IP66
Operation temperature
  • main unit: ‐10°C up to 50°C
  • camera: ‐34°C up to 60°C
SAS R&D Services INC.
SAS R&D; Services Inc. is a company whose motto is We are trying to change the future of handheld contraband detectors to make them more effective and easy to use. This makes us a responsible partner in the fight against contraband because it is not just a job, it is our vocation. SAS R&D; develops and manufactures anti-smuggling equipment. Products in the form of fiberoscopes and videoscopes make it possible to reach where the human eye can't reach, making it possible to quickly search gaps in walls or ceilings, as well as any openings in vehicles. Flagship contraband detectors provide the ability to 'x-ray' all types of surfaces in a safe manner in search of drugs, weapons and many other illegally smuggled items without having to dismantle the boat, car and more.
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  • Undercarriage inspection system PUV-227 from Sas R&D

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