USB WiFi Key logger for remote PC controlling 16MB - keygrabber Movie
USB WiFi Key logger for remote PC controlling 16MB - keygrabber

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USB WiFi Key logger for remote PC controlling 16MB - keygrabber

  • The smallest USB Key logger for remote PC controlling on the market – just 2.5 cm
  • Compatible with every USB keyboard available
  • Built-in 16 MB of flash memory
  • Wi-Fi module - reports to e-mail
  • Invisible to antivirus software!

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USB micro Key logger 16MB for remote PC surveillance

Key Logger for remote PC controlling WiFi is a perfect solution for monitoring all sorts of computer activities.

USB micro Key logger for remote PC controlling combines functionality and reliability with small size, making it a perfect spy device able to store every keystroke. Disconnecting or making use of the device doesn't give rise to any difficulties. The only thing to be done is to connect the KeyGrabber between PC and USB port. The connection automatically triggers recording mode without a need to install any additional software! The configuration process is controlled by a special file in the device's memory, which enables modification of several parameters, including WLAN or e-mail address for report sending.

This tiny key logger (2.5cm) contains 16 MB of memory able to store about 4 000 text pages! Moreover, the shape and casing of the USB Key Logger for remote PC controlling don't arouse any suspicion about its genuine function whereas built-in Wi-Fi module provides wireless network communication and enables sending reports without an access to a PC! Thanks to TCP/IP support the user has a remote access to all data saved in the Key logger memory. It is worth mentioning that USB Key logger for remote PC controlling is completely undetectable in the operating system and truly invisible to anti-spyware software. It works without revealing its presence to a user due to an icon or any other visible sign of activity.

USB micro Key logger for remote PC monitoring gives you a sense of control over your child internet activities, enables to detect any misuses of company's computer equipment or simply generates a duplicate of important text files. It provides a safe access to information about every keystroke without a recourse to strenuous technical manipulations.

  • Remote controlling

    Remote controlling

  • Keylogger keyboard

    Keylogger keyboard

  • Windows compatible

    Windows compatible

  • USB flash drive

    USB flash drive

  • anti-virus software

    Invisible to anti-virus software

  • E-mail reports

    E-mail reports

  • Memory


    16 MB

  • Format


    text files

  • Date and hour marking

    Power supply of the USB Nano Key logger

    USB port

  • Full discretion

    Full discretion

  • Date and hour marking


    indoors – up to 50 m

    outdoors – up to 150 m

  • Fast installation

    Fast installation

Main advantages of the USB Nano Key logger

  • The smallest and most discreet keylogger on the market – just 35 mm in length!
  • Compatible with every USB keyboard available
  • Data protection – 128 bit encryption
  • It can establish connection with a wireless network
  • All generated reports may be sent to predefined e-mail address
  • TCP/IP protocol compatible
  • Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 data encryption
  • Very fast data transfer rates via USB – up to 125 kB/s!
  • Dead easy to operate – the only thing to do is to connect the keyboard
  • Compatible with international keyboard layout!
  • Undetectable in the system and invisible to anti-spyware software
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Recommended for protecting children against Internet threats, protecting PC against unauthorized access and employees' monitoring

Key Grabber is available in black (default), and upon request, in white or grey.

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KeeLog is a company which deals with designing modern solutions for complete monitoring of all actions undertaken on the personal computer. The offer contains hardware KeyLoggers which intercept characters inputted by keyboard and save them as text files. The data is archived in...


Specification of USB micro Key logger for remote PC monitoring
1 in USB flash drive mode
Power supply of the USB Key logger4.5 V – 5.5 V DC from USB port
Power consumption300 mA (1.5 W)
Maximum logging speed500 bytes/s
Maximum continuous logging speed100 bytes/s
Memory16 MB
Durability of stored dataabout 100 years without power supply
Data reading rate125 kB/s 1
Supported WLAN encryption methods
  • WEP64
  • WEP128
  • WPA
  • WPA-2
Range of the Key logger for remote PC controlling
  • outdoors – up to 150 m
  • indoors – up to 50 m
Dimensions (with USB plug)35 × 20 × 12 mm


  • USB micro Key Logger for remote PC controlling
  • User manual

Reviews (6)

By Jac D.

Comment : fast delivery and good quality
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By Evan M.

Comment : super easy to install, aklmost invisible to the eye, totally discreet, and controlled remotely.
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By Billy A.

Comment : Fully invisible even for the most advanced anituvirus software, I did tests on a few different computers, and compatible with various keyboard models.
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By James E.

Comment : Sends automatic reports to your e-mail – what more do you neeed.
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By Laur D.

Comment : all you have to do is put it in the usb port, no additional software is need, WOW
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By JEss B.

Comment : So tiny yet powerful.
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