Vehicle tracking device GV500 Server with OB II interface and an annual subscription
Vehicle tracking device GV500 Server with OB II interface and an annual subscription

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Vehicle tracking device GV500 Server with OB II interface and an annual subscription

  • Vehicle tracking - accuracy up to 2m!
  • Operation time in standby mode – up to 5 days
  • Control - online or with text message commands
  • The vehicle tracking device is compatible with all GSM networks

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Vehicle tracking device GV500 Server with OB II interface and an annual subscription

Vehicle tracking device GV500 is a professional solution for keeping track of fleet vehicles. It is equipped with an OBD connector, allowing to plug it in the vehicle's interface in orderd to obtain information from the car's computer and forward them to the operator via cellular network.

Accuracy of location, efficient communication, integrated OBD interface, use of car's electrical system, and easy installation make the vehicle tracking device GV500 Server stand out among other GPS trackers. A professional instrument, dedicated for shipping companies, for logistic application, and for those users, who seek an effective vehicle tracking system. The device transmits collected data using a 4-range GSM module, operating in 850,900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands.

Key features of GV500 Server with OBD II interface:

  • Pinpoint localisation,
  • OBD II integration (VIN number,PID, MIL, DTC codes, OBD voltage, engine r.p.m, velocity, distance statistics – particular parameters may vary depending on the vehicle, as not every one sends them via OBD),
  • powered via the car's electrical system; auxiliary battery maintaining power for up to 20 minutes,
  • integrated 3-axis motion sensor,
  • communication via cellular network,
  • convenient operation through online user panel (computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access) or by text message commands.
Vehicle tracking device GV500
  • Sensitive locator module


    The GV500 vehicle tracking device is based on and advanced GPS u-Blox module, known for its very high sensitivity, accuracy, and quick operation. The GPS tracker allows localisation with 5 meter accuracy, while using the SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) system increases the accuracy to 2 meters! Quick position determination upon switching on is yet another of the device's advantages.

  • 3-axis motion sensor


    Integrated 3-axis motion sensor enables advanced power management and alarm signal generation.

  • Pinpoint location


    5 to 2 meters tracking accuracy.

  • >Built-in antennas


    Integrated antenna system for both GPS and GSM network is optimised for efficiency, ensuring high effectiveness without external antennas.

  • Long operation time


    The Vehicle tracking device GV500 is powered with the car's electrical system (voltage range 8-32V). Additionally, it comes with an auxiliary battery, allowing to maintain power in case of a malfunction. Both power sources together provide a virtually unlimited time of operation.

  • SIM cards from any provider


    The device utilises GPS technology for accurate location, while GSM network is used to transmit information about its position and OBD system data. The locator is compatible with regular SIM cards issued by any carrier, not protected with PIN codes.

  • 1-year access


    The device comes with 1-year access to the system, from the date of purchase. The sole cost of operation is to provide sufficient funds on the SIM card, necessary to send packet data and text messages.

  • Convenient online data access


    The data collected by the device is uploaded to a server, via cellular data transfer (charges according to the provider's price list). Upon logging in to the account, the user is given access to all data collected by the locator, as well as the ability to remotely configure and adjust parameters of the GV500 Server locator module (2 commands per day; additional control command packets available for purchase).

  • Information in one place


    All of the vital information is presented in the online user panel accessible via the website. All data is marked on a map, along with vehicle route charts, which greatly facilitates the operation. The panel can be accessed on any computer or a mobile device, through a web browser. It allows the user of GV500 Server to:

    • learn the locator's last known position,
    • browse and analyse data collected in the past 6 months,
    • handle the geofencing function,
    • view information from the OBD interface.
  • Geofencing


    The geofencing function is used to determine an area in which the object fitted with the locator is supposed to remain. Upon trespassing this pre-defined area, the operator receives alert notifications including exact date and time of the event.

  • Convenient data access


    All information is uploaded to a server, accessible in three different ways:

    • online, using mobile devices with Internet connection (laptop, smartphone, tablet)
    • using any computer with Internet access
    • via mobile phone – simply dial the number of the SIM card installed in the device to receive a link to a map with its current location marked. Control commands allow to change the module's settings.
  • Global range


    The system ensures global range of operation - GPS coverage spreads over almost the entire Earth, save for polar areas, while using a 4-range GSM module allows to send data from any place within the range of mobile network.

Demonstrational account of the GPS platform

By clicking the link below you can get familiar with the Internet website with the online access to the data from GPS locator.

Logging server panel GPS GV500 Server

GPS Server
  • Location accuracy and operation time depend on the strength of the GPS signal, maximum typical values provided.
  • License for the first year is free. Each subsequent 12 months costs 55 GBP (annual fee).



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Specification of the Vehicle tracking device GV500 Server with OB II interface and an annual subscription
1 optimal conditions 2 without external power supply
GPS chipsetu-blox All in One
GPS antenna of the vehicle tracking deviceintegrated
  • typical: - 147 dBm
  • Hot Start: - 160 dBm
  • tracking: - 162 dBm
Accuracy 1
  • typical: < 5m
  • SBAS supported: < 2m
TTFF (Open Sky)
    Cold Start : 27 s (average)
  • Warm Start: 27 s
  • Hot Start: 1 s
Quad band of GV500850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Compatibility of the vehicle tracking device
  • GSM 2 / 2+
  • class 4 (2 W for 850/900 MHz)
  • class 1 (1 W for 1800/1900 MHz)
ClassGPRS Class B
Multichannel transmissionGPRS multi-slot class 12
RMS Phase Error< 5°
Maximum exposure to RF radiation33 dBm +/-2 dBm
Input dynamic rangefrom -15 to -107 dBm
Receiver sensitivityClass II RBER 2% (-107 dBm)
Frequency stability of the vehicle tracking device< 2.5 ppm
Maximum frequency error±0.1 ppm
Power supply of the GV500
  • external - DC 8-32V
  • Li-Polymer 250 mAh
Power consumption in stand-by mode< 10 μA
Work time 2
  • stand-by mode: up to 200 h
  • report every 1 min: up to 20 min
LED indicators
  • OBD
  • GPS
  • GSM
Dimensions48 × 48 × 25 mm


  • Vehicle tracking device GV500 Server with OB II interface and an annual subscription
  • SIKM card
  • Annual access to the panel
  • User manual

Reviews (4)

By Olly M.

Comment : All data can be easily accessed online and info is stored in a user-friendly panel
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By Maximilian B.

Comment : for people in need of professional tracking device,
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By Lincoln B.

Comment : Thanks Store for recommending me this tracking device. It fulfills all my expectations, and actually my friend is thinking of buying it as well… Word of mouth marketing is the best .
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By Ms. Anna E.

Comment : I installed these in all my vehicles as I run a transportation company. Very acurate, solid and easy to operate. Worth every penny!
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