Waterproof GPS tracker - GLONASS GL300 with GPS transmitter and 1 year subscription Movie
Waterproof GPS tracker - GLONASS GL300 with GPS transmitter and 1 year subscription

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Waterproof GPS tracker - GLONASS GL300 with GPS transmitter and 1 year subscription

  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS systems
  • Waterproof and comfortable design
  • Efficient battery – up to 60 days
  • Online or SMS data access of the Waterproof GPS tracker
  • Compatible with every GSM network

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Waterproof GPS tracker - GLONASS GL300 with an accurate GPS transmitter

GL300 is an advanced GPS tracker able to locate a valuable parcel, device or vehicle in every situation requiring professional location monitoring. Its miniature size allows the operator to use it secretly or constantly monitor the safety of a child or an elderly person. Easy online access to the waterproof tracker's data makes it even more user-friendly.

GL300 has a number of useful functions. The device is based on two independent positioning systems, namely GPS and GLONASS, which guarantee safety in every situation. When one of the systems fails, data are downloaded from the other one.

Compact and lightweight design of the waterproof GPS transmitter, as well as its high resistance to shock and moisture, guarantee long and comfortable usage. Easy online access to all location data is now possible form any device connected to the Internet thanks to data being stored directly on the server.

Applications of GL300 waterproof online tracker

  • private and company vehicles tracking
  • farm machines, heavy equipment and boats monitoring
  • fleet monitoring for transport and shipping companies
  • valuable parcels tracking
  • outdoor workers safety monitoring
  • monitoring of children and elderly people
Waterproof GPS tracker - GLONASS GL300

Some features of GLONASS GL300 with an accurate GPS transmitter

  • Worldwide coverage

    Accurate tracking module

    U-blox M8 module is able to localize an object with up to 2 m accuracy thanks to SBAS (Satellite-based augmentation system). The chipset of GPS transmitter has 72 channels and works in two different systems supported by the device, namely GPS and GLONASS.

  • Live monitoring

    Global tracking - GPS and GLONASS systems

    The efficiency of GL300 tracker is based on two complementary satellite positioning technologies – GPS and GLONASS (GLObalnaja NAwigacionnaja Sputnikowaja Sistiemasatelity). Two independent positioning systems offer greater reliability in case of one system's failure. The missing data can be simply provided by the other system. All data gathered by the device is transferred via GSM/UMTS network.

  • Pictures

    Geofencing – tracking in a fixed area

    Geofencing option makes it possible to define an area confining the position of the GL300 tracker. If the defined area is crossed, the user receives online alarm notification with the exact date and time of the event as well as the position marked by a red dot on the map. The area can be defined not only with reference to the fixed point (such as a circle around house or school) but also as any polygon.

  • Video monitoring

    Integrated antennas

    Built-in GPS/GLONASS and GSM/UMTS antennas make it possible to work in any circumstances without the support of an external antenna.

  • Waterproof casing

    Waterproof casing

    The casing of the GL300 tracker was designed according to the IPX5 norm, which guarantees protection against water spattering irrespective of the stream direction.

  • Long work time

    Long operation time

    Built-in Li-Poly 1300 mAh rechargeable battery provides efficient power-supply to the tracker for up to 60 days in stand-by mode and for up to 10 days in active mode with positioning every 10 minutes. Moreover, Detective Store offers products able to significantly prolong GL300 tracker work time, such as GL200EBK or powerbank.

  • Long working time

    All information in one place!

    All data collected by the GPS transmitter is available via user's paneldirectly on the web page, which makes it possible to to check the following information at any time:

    • the last location of the transmitter;
    • archive of last routes;
    • alarm notification triggered by the tracker crossing the defined zone.
  • Spyphone software

    Comfortable access to information

    All information is stored on the server and can be accessed in three possible ways:

    • online via mobile devices connected to the Internet (laptop, smartphone, tablet computer, etc.)
    • from any PC connected to the Internet;
    • via mobile phone by calling the phone number of GPS transmitter's SIM card and receiving SMS with link to the map with marked position of the tracker and information about its battery status.
  • Resolution

    SIM card from any mobile network operator

    All data gathered by the tracker is transmitted via GSM network (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) whereas the geographical coordinates are calculated by the GPS satellite system. The SIM card cannot be protected by a PIN code. All charges are calculated in accordance with the official price list of mobile network operators.

  • Annual access pass

    Annual access pass

    GL300 is provided together with a 12 months user's license (from the date of purchase) which guarantees that all charges are a direct consequence of normal operator's service fees.

  • USB port

    Remote controlling

    The Waterproof GPS tracker can be operated remotely irrespective of user's current location thanks to GPS satellite communication. The only thing necessary to do that is any device with an Internet access (after purchase of control commands' packet) or a regular mobile phone.

  • Global range

    Global range

    One of the most important features of Gl300 Server is its unlimited range and online access from virtually any place in the world! The only limitation is range of mobile network.

  • Warranty

    Amazingly simple operation

    Both GPS transmitter and online user's panel were designed with intuitive and comfortable operation in mind. All saved routes can be easily exported to external file and stored on hard drive.

Our experts recommended

Demonstrational account of the GPS platform

By clicking the link below you can get familiar with the Internet website with the online access to the data from GPS locator.

Logging server panel GPS GV500 Server

GPS Server
  • Location accuracy and operation time depend on the strength of the GPS signal, maximum typical values provided.
  • License for the first year is free. Each subsequent 12 months costs 55 GBP (annual fee).

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Specification of Waterproof GPS tracker GLONASS GL300 with GPS transmitter
GPS chipset
  • u-blox M8
  • 72 channels
GPS antenna
  • integrated GPS / GLONASS
  • integrated GSM
Start-up time
  • typical: - 147 dBm
  • Hot Start: - 155 dBm
  • tracking: - 162 dBm
Accuracy of the waterproof GPS tracker
  • typical: < 5m
  • SBAS supported: < 2m
TTFF (Open Sky)
    Cold Start : 60 s (average)
  • Warm Start: 30 s
  • Hot Start: 1 s
Quad band850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Compatibility of the GPS tracker with transmitter
  • GSM 2 / 2+
  • class 4 (2 W for 850/900 MHz)
  • class 1 (1 W for 1800/1900 MHz)
ClassGPRS Class B
Multichannel transmissionGPRS multi-slot class 12
RMS Phase Error< 5°
Maximum exposure to RF radiation of the Waterproof GPS tracker33 dBm +/-2 dBm
Input dynamic rangefrom -15 to -107 dBm
Receiver sensitivityClass II RBER (-107 dBm)
Frequency stability< 2.5 ppm
Maximum frequency error±0.1 ppm
Power supplyLi-Poly 1300mAh 3.7V rechargeable battery
Power consumption in stand-by mode< 10 μA
Work time of the Waterproof GPS trackerStand-by mode report:
  • every 60 min: up to 12 days
  • every 30 min: up to 11 days
  • every 10 min: up to 10 days
  • every 5 min: up to 8 days
  • every 3 min: up to 6 days
  • every 1 min: up to 5 days
LED indicators
  • Battery status
  • GSM
WaterproofnessIPX5 norm
Dimensions68.5 × 38.5 × 22.5 mm
Weight of the waterproof GPS locator60g


  • Waterproof GPS tracker - GLONASS GL300 with GPS transmitter
  • Charger
  • SIM card
  • Annual panel subscription
  • English user manual


Reviews (5)

By Omar B.

Comment : Have not found any minuses of this gear… Well, maybe the price could be more affordable.
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By Maximilian B.

Comment : We use these at our farm as an additional security measure to monitor expensive machinery and have got no complaints
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By Luke P.

Comment : I bought Vodafone SIM card at this petrol station and it was ready to go, simple and efficient
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By Ella H.

Comment : It makes me wonder sometimes if I could use this tracker to check on my boyfriend…Very tempting idea to snick it into his briefcase and see where it will end up. And then just watch his every move on my laptop!
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By Abigail K.

Comment : What I like the most about GL300 tracker is the accessibility of data. OnceI even checked its current position on my phone sitting at the table in a restaurant, waiting for my girlfriend to arrive
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