Waterproof Night vision monocular Armasight N-14 with long operation time
Waterproof Night vision monocular Armasight N-14 with long operation time

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Waterproof Night vision monocular Armasight N-14 with long operation time

  • Wide choice of optional accessories
  • Head, helmet or weapon mountable
  • Very durable and waterproof
  • Night vision monocular has has an intuitive operation
  • Built-in infrared illuminator

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Armasight N-14 Night vision monocular with long operation time and waterproof case

The N-14 2+ night vision monocular is a product of Armasight – a renowned manufacturer of night vision device for both professional and amateur users.

Compact and lightweight housing, as well as top quality components comply with strict quality norms. The N-14 2+ is recommended for uniformed services and everyone who needs both high-quality image and durability.

Versatile, adjustable construction

The N-14 2+ night vision monocular was designed to perform well at a variety of different tasks (depending on optional accessories).

  • Resolution

    Lens system

    24 mm, F/1.2

  • Zoom


  • Work time

    Work time of the night vision monocular

    up to 60 h

  • Waterproof


  • adjustable magnification – optional compatible x3, x5, and ×8 lenses,
  • comfortable mounting – can be mounted on head or helmet,
  • weapon mounting – stable weapon mount adapter,
  • universal camera adapter – record or photograph your night outdoor operations,
  • additional infrared illuminator – compatible with detachable IR850 long range infrared illuminator (available in our shop).

Other important features of the night vision monocular

  • Very durable


    N-14 night vision monocular is extremely durable, waterproof (resistant even to seawater), highly resistant to mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions, such as high humidity or extreme temperatures. This unique construction exceeds the MIL-Spec-810 norms.

  • Built-in iiluminator


    It is equipped with integrated short-range IR illuminator and is compatible with additional long-range IR850 illuminator, which can be very helpful at night.

  • Cutting-edge


    Generation 2+ night-vision monoculars are generally the most preferred by the customers around the world. Micro-channel plate (MCP) technology allows to generate bright and clear image. Further advantages of generation 2+ devices are their resistance to mechanical damage and affordable price.

  • Reliability in difficult operating conditions


    The ejection of electron from photocathode onto micro-channel plate (MCP) results in a recurring ejection of new electrons in geometric progression. This method enables to generate up to 50 000 magnification and provides excellent quality image even in difficult night conditions (clouds or low-light).

  • Advanced optics


    Anti-reflective coating guarantees that the image is undistorted and clear.

  • Advanced optics


    Provides best protection from accidental exposure to intense light.

  • Advanced optics


    Protects user form being blinded by intense light.

  • Intuitive operation


    Low weight of the device and easy assembly allow for comfortable operation in any conditions (even when wearing gloves).

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Armasight is a flourishing small American company which is known for modern optical-electronic systems . Night-vision devices of great quality are designed by fiends who intend to construct basic devices for amateurs, but also night-vision devices, goggles and binoculars...


Specification of Armasight N-14 2+ night vision monocular
Image intensifier
  • generation 2+ HD
  • increased resolution
Resolution of the night vision monocular
  • SD: 45-51 linii/mm
  • HD: 65-70 linii/mm
  • ID: 47-54 linii/mm
  • QS-HD: 65-70 (white phosphorus)
  • optional 3×, 5×, 8×
Lens system24 mm, F/1.2
Lens diameter of the night vision monocular27.2 mm
Range of focus0.25 m to ∞
Anti-reflective coatingmultilayer
Diopter adjustment-6 to +2
Total Darkness IRyes
IR Indicatoryes (in FOV)
Power supply of the night vision monocular1 × CR123A 3V battery
Working time
  • up to 12h (IR turned on)
  • up to 60h (IR turned off)
Low Battery Indicatoryes (in FOV)
Automatic brightness controlyes
Bright Light Cut-offyes
Automatic shut-off systemyes
Operating temperature-40°C to +50°C
Storage temperature of the night vision monocular-50°C to +70°C
  • yes
  • parameters above MIL - 810F
  • increased resistance to salt water, rain and fog
Dimensions140 × 49 × 69 mm
Weight of the night vision monocular0.34 kg


  • Waterproof Night vision monocular Armasight N-14 with long operation time
  • Lens Tissue
  • Lens cap
  • One Lithium CR123A battery
  • Case
  • User manual
  • Warranty - 24 months


  • 3x A-Focal Lens Kit: Lens #22 with Adapter #23
  • 5x A-Focal Lens Kit: Lens #22 with Adapter #23
  • 5x Lens #12 with Adapter #15
  • 8x Lens #16 with Adapter #20
  • SwingArm #37
  • Universal Camera Adapter #45
  • Aim Pro weapon mount
  • Aim Pro-L weapon mount with 3× Lens
  • QRM - Quick Release Picatinny Mount Adapter #26
  • Scope Adapter Mount #5
  • Shutter Eye-Guard #82
  • Anti-fog Guard
  • Dovetail to Weaver Transfer Piece #21
  • Extended Rail Adapter #85
  • Goggle Kit #2
  • Helmet Mount #4
  • IR850 Detachable Long Range Infrared Illuminator #21
  • IR850W Detachable Long Range Infrared Illuminator #21
  • Soft carrying case
  • Sacrificial Window #30
  • Time Tracker System #83


Reviews (4)

By Joshua J.

Comment : mine was severily tested and maybe does not look like a new one anymore but works fine which makes it an excellent companion for my night expeditions .
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By Dominic H.

Comment : gear of high quality, advanced technologies and broad possibilites of expa nsion
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By Billy L.

Comment : Solid night vision basic monocular that can be expanded with various functions. I invested in adjustable magnification and mounting on a helmet to have my hands freebut there are more options
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By Ashton D.

Comment : I wouldnt say that the price is affordable! But I have been saving my money and soon it will be mine
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