Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 with a free configuration
Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 with a free configuration

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Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 with a free configuration

  • Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 HyperFire generates 1920×1080 FullHD images
  • Very short triggering time - 1/5 s
  • Very high resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • PIR motion sensor - range up to 30m
  • No-Glow LED IR illuminator

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Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 HyperFire

The wildlife camera PC900 HyperFire Professional is a top quality instrument designed for prolonged monitoring in any weather conditions. A product of Reconyx, a renowned manufacturer and a leader it its branch since 2002.

  • Work time

    Operation time of the wildlife camera

    standby - up to 12 months

  • AVI

    Power supply

    12 x AA battery

  • PIR sensor

    Sensor range

    up to 30m

  • Photo resolution

    Photo resolution

    3.1MP - 2048×1536

    FullHD 1920×1080

PC900 HyperFire Professional is a flagship model of a series of professional devices dedicated for highly demanding customers (e.g. forest patrol), used for monitoring of wildlife, forests, fish ponds, etc. It can also perform very well as a security measure in any situation calling for resistance to adverse weather conditions, long operation time, very high quality of pictures, both taken during the day and at night, as well as stable and reliable operation.

  • For our clients we offer a free configuration service and full service and technical support during the life of the device. To get a fully configured phototrap enter in order comment password „CONFIGURATION” or contact with our Service:

    Detective Store - Service
    Phone: (44) 077 0919 7697
    E-mail: contact@detective-store.com

Possible applications for Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 HyperFire

  • national park security
  • supervision of fish ponds
  • forest monitoring
  • maintaining security in open areas
  • protection against poachers

Reconyx PC900 HyperFire Professional is a perfect instrument for wildlife monitoring and protection. Very short triggering time - just 1/5 second since motion detection, broad configuration possibilities and exceptionally high quality of finishing truly make this device stand out among its competitors.

Advantages of Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 HyperFire

  • Miniature lens

    Excellent image – advanced lens

    An Ultra HD IR™ lens allows to capture sharper and clearer images than devices utilising regular lenses, especially while using an IR illuminator.

  • Display

    No-glow LED IR illuminator

    Reconyx PC900 wildlife camera comes with an efficient No-Glow LED IR illumnator, which emits infrared light invisible to human eye (without the faint red glow commonly occurring in inferior devices). Effective iillumination range is as long as 18 meters.

  • Voice activated recording

    Full HD quality

    The camera is capable of taking pictures in FullHD 1920×1080 resolution (16:9 ratio), or in 3.1 megapixel  2048×1536 resolution (4:3 ratio). All data is saved to replaceable SD/SDHC memory cards with capacity up to 32GB (1GB can store up to 2500 pictures!).

  • PIR motion sensor

    PIR motion sensor

    The operation of HyperFire Professional scouting camera is governed by a PIR (passive infra-red) multi-zone sensor, characterised by very low power consumption, high effectiveness, and range up to 30 meters (depending on environmental conditions). The sensor reacts to changes of heat and triggers the camera the very instant a moving object enters its field of detection.

  • Triggering time

    Very short triggering time!

    The PC900 model feature an extremely short triggering time – just 1/5 second passes from the moment of detection of movement to taking a picture. The widelife camera can take 2 pictures per second. The sensor offers 5 selectable levels of sensitivity. The device can be switched into schedule mode, with specific times during which the sensor should remain active.

  • Intuitive to use

    Selectable operation modes

    The Reconyx PC900 HyperFire Professional wildlife camera offers following options:

    • sensor triggering – each triggering initiates taking a series of pictures (1-99) at defined intervals, from 0.5 to 60 seconds.
    • sensor hibernation between triggers – ranging from 0 s to 60 min – allows to avoid duplicated pictures.
    • three pre-defined settings – fully adjustable to the user's specific needs.
    • limelapse – pictures are taken at specified intervals during a defined time of day (motion sensor is disabled in this mode), which makes a perfect method of monitoring processes taking place very slowly.
  • LCD display


    Basic settings of the device can be configured using buttons and a menu on the text LCD display. More advanced options can be altered with the aid of the included software (saving changes to be applied on a memory card).

  • Power supply

    Convenient data storage – SD memory cards

    All data is saved to SDHC memory card with capacity up to 32GB.

  • Standby mode


    12 months of operation in standby mode (with 12 AA batteries).

  • Triggering time

    Very short triggering time

    Instant triggering of the camera – up to 1/5 second!

  • Record stamping

    Record stamping

    Recorded files can be stamped with additional data, such as:

    • date and time
    • temperature
    • moon phase
    • device name – up to 16 characters
  • Power supply

    Convenient power supply

    The widelife camera can be powered with either Energizer Ultimate Lithium™ 1.5V AA batteries, or with NiMH rechargeable batteries. Due to efficient power management, with 12 batteries installed, the device can remain in standby mode for as long as 12 months, and take up to 40000 pictures. Additionally, it is compatible with external power supplies and solar batteries (available upon order).

  • Software

    Professional software

    The Reconyx PC900 HyperFire comes with an included MapView™ Professional software suite, allowing to manage taken pictures and organise them geographically, edit tags, and save information, e.g. about the location of other objects. The software is compatible with Google Maps. It offers functionalities extremely useful for advanced and demanding users, such as forest patrol, or fish pond owners.

  • Comfortable installation

    Comfortable installation

    With the included elastic mounting strap, the camera can be easily installed e.g. on tree trunks. It is also possible to use optional housings and padlocks to protect the Reconyx PC900 against theft or damage. External surface painted in camouflage patterns allows to conceal the device with ease.

  • Waterproof


    Waterproof and durable housing ensures reliable protection against adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage. Electronic components have been covered with conformal coating to ensure maximum durability and reliability. It is also possible to place desiccant within the device.



Reconyx has specialized in the production of digital cameras since 2002. Therefore it has gained a great experiance in this field. The Equipment is designed and created in the United States and is known for robust design, advanced technology, along with compatible software, and...


­Specification of Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 HyperFire
Module and other functions of the wildlife camera
1 battery AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium™
MatrixCMOS 3,1Mpx
Angle of the view40°
Focal lengthfrom 3 m to infinity
Exposition timeauto
White balanceauto
Automatic IR filteryes
Image resolution
  • 3,1MP - 2048×1536
  • FullHD 1920×1080
Photo formatJPG
Built-in microphoneno
  • LCD
  • text - 2 lines
  • LED diodes
Recordings markings
  • date and time
  • temperature
  • Moon phases
  • The name of the device - up to 16 signs
IR illuminator of the wildlife camera
  • built-in
  • diodes No-Glow LED
  • High Power Output Covert IR invisible for human eye
lamps rangeup to 18m
PIR sensor
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 5 levels
Sensor's rangeup to 30 m
Angle of the view of the sensor40°
Activation time after motion detectionup to 1/5 s
Maximum speed of picture taking2/s
Programmable number of taken pictures after activation1-99
Programmable time between photos0,5 – 60s
Programmable time of the sensors sleep mode1s – 60 min
Programmable activation delayup to 12 weeks
Timelapse function
  • The time of photos taking can be determined considering seconds/minutes/hours (In case of IR illumination not more often then 5 seconds)
  • possibility of determining the time of starting and finishing photos taking during the day (interval 15 min)
Data storageremovable card SD/SDHC up to 32GB
Power supply
  • 12 × battery AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium™1.5V - recommended
  • 12 × power pack NiMH 1.2V, 2600MaH
  • external power supply - optional
  • sun charger - optional
Operation time 1
  • sleep mode - up to 12 months
  • up to 40000 photos
Determining the position of the photo trap
  • testing function which simplifies location of the wildlife camera
  • diode which signals motion detection in test mode
Operation temperature-40°C - +60°C
Admissible humidity5% - 95%
Moisture absorberbuilt-in
Electronics protectioncover
Size14 × 11,5 × 7,6 mm
Included software
MapView™ Professional - photos management
  • mapping and management of the photos library
  • geographic photos management
  • geotag function (objects marking such as e.g. nests, baits food source)
  • Metadata
  • Compatible with Google Maps
Configurationsoftware for configuration of advanced settings of the wildlife camera which are not accessible in menu


  • Wildlife camera - Reconyx PC900 HyperFire
  • CD with software
  • Elastic mounting strap
  • Desiccant
  • User manual
  • 24 months warranty


Reviews (3)

By Abraham L.

Comment : advanced gear in good price and with free configuration, I have no complains here
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By Mario S.

Comment : I was amazed with how super fast it is - it activates itself after detecting motion in only 1/5 s !!!! BRILLIANT!
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By Emmanuel H.

Comment : High quality wildlife camera with perfect camouflage and high discretion (doesn't emit red glow). It really is invisible, sometimes even I forget that it is there, as it can work on its own up to one year. If you're looking for something reliable - choose thuis Reconyx
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