Wireless intercom system Lawmate PVK-001 Lite + for long range communication
Wireless intercom system Lawmate PVK-001 Lite + for long range communication

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Wireless intercom system Lawmate PVK-001 Lite + for long range communication

  • Discreet image transferring
  • Very high sensitivity camera
  • Concealed pinhole lens
  • 500 meters range!
  • Wireless intercom systen has computer connectivity

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Lawmate PVK-001 Lite + wireless intercom system for long range communication


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Due to some manufacturer's restrictions, not dependent on us, we are not able to sell Lawmate products in particular countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Italy, USA, Colombia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Vietnam,
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PVK-001 Lite+ wireless intercom system is an improved version of the PVK-001 Lite set, and its purpose is to discreetly transfer the feed from a wireless camera to the long range audio-video receiver.

Unlike the predecessor, PVK-001 Lite+ has a transmission range of 500 meters in high-density housing, giving a full comfort of use at long ranges. Keep in mind though, that the capabilities of the receiving-transmitting set may be interfered with by independent factors, such as radio transmissions in the same band, and other devices.

To start using the PVK-001 Lite+ wireless intercom system, you only need to connect the wireless camera to the transmitter, and the receiver to a computer or a recorder through the EasyCap adapter. The device is recommended for detectives, public services, and amateurs for performing individual recordings, as a help on exams etc.

If you look for a device which provides a secure transfer of recordings in very high quality, and, at the same time, provides a comfort of use, then long range PVK-001 Lite+ wireless intercom system is a perfect solution for you.

The PVK-001 Lite+ wireless intercom system consists of 3 devices

  • Mini camera

    CCD BU-18 mini video recorder

    Camouflaged in a button or a screw, the camera has only 1 mm diameter. It has a built-in speaker. Image size regulation possible.

  • TRXB-2451 receiving-transmitting set


    It transfers the signal within 500 meters range in high-density housing (however, the device's capabilities may be interfered by external factors).

  • Easycap adapter


    It allows to plug the receiver with a computer or recorder via USB port.


The wireless intercom system allows to send signal up to 100/500 meters. Actual transmission range depends on the signal propagation conditions in the place of usage (strength of the other radio signals, weather conditions, the type and density of buildings).


LawMate International

Lawmate International is a world class brand, which specializes in manufacturing counter surveillance devices.


Specifications of the PVK-001 Lite+ wireless intercom system
BU18 wireless mini camera
1 without lens
ConverterInterline 1/3" SONY SUPER HAD CCD
Resolution of the wireless intercom system550 TV lines
Sensitivity0.2lx / 30 IRE @ F2.0
Lens4.3 mm
Angle of view80°
S/N (signal/noise) ratio48 db
AGC - Automatic Gain Controlyes
Automatic white balanceyes
Backlight compensationautomatic
Shutter speed1/50 - 1/120 s
Connectorminijack 2.5mm (4 pin)
Power supply of the wireless intercom system5V - 12V
Current draw220 mA
Work temperature-10°C ~ +60°C
Camera size 125 × 25 × 12 mm
Weight22 g
Produced inJapan
TRXB-2451 receiving-transmitting set
1 to choose from 2 with 5V camera powering 3 without SMA connection
Band2.4 GHz
Channels8 1
Inputminijack 2.5 mm with 5V power supply
Power supply5V / 2A
Adjustable transmission power500 mW / 1W
Transmission range in high-density housingup to 500 m
Transmitter power supplyBA-2200 3.6V / 2200 mAh battery
Transmitter work time 2
  • BA-2200 battery (included): 3.5h (500 mW) / 2h (1W)
  • BA-4400 battery (optionally): 7h (500 mW) / 3.5h (1W)
Current draw
  • 500 mW - 600 mA
  • 1 W - 1200 mA
Receiver power supply2200 mAh battery
Receiver work time3 h
  • transmitter: 84 × 53 × 20.6 mm 3
  • receiver: 111 × 69 × 21 mm
  • transmitter: 108 g
  • receiver: 65 g
EasyCap adapter
InterfaceUSB 2.0
CapturingPAL and NTSC systems
Video input
  • composite video RCA (cinch)
  • S-Video
Inputaudio stereo 2 × RCA (cinch)
Power supplyUSB port
Full resolution capturing of the wireless intercom system
  • NTSC 720×480 @ 30fps
  • PAL 720×576 @ 25fps
Smooth image parameters adjustment
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • color
  • saturation
Dimension88 × 28 × 18 mm


  • CCD BU-18 mini camera with accessory
  • TRXB-2451 complete wireless intercom system
  • Easycap adapter
  • User manual
  • Warranty - 12 months

Reviews (4)

By Dakota B.

Comment : The range of 0.5 km is unbelievable and facilitates secret spying operations
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By Francisco R.

Comment : this brilliant set helped my pass an importnat exam. But shhh do not tell anybody ;)
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By Maxwell D.

Comment : after reading these comments I want this set badly but need to wait for a it to be discounted as I can't afford it right now…. :(
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By Jeremy E.

Comment : the lens are so small and addirionally concealed. This equipment gurantess 100% discrection and success of your mission, believe me!!
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